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Nicholas Geudry

Country United States
State Alabama

Nicholas Geudry Reviews

  • Apr 5, 2018

There's a scam artist named Nicholas Geudry who lives in Grand Rapids, Michigan. He goes by another name called "King Krimzon". I "Google searched" Nicholas Geudry's name and just found these links where he recently scammed his neighbor over $2000 ( and

Anyway, I was a victim who got scammed by Nicholas Geudry.

He scammed me over $60 for an audio interface that he was selling on Craigslist back in April 2013. He had it for sale for $100 but was willing to sell it to me for $60 instead. Anyway, he didn't want to take PayPal and he only wanted to do either a bank wire or a money order. So I sent him a money order. He kept ignoring my e-mails after I sent him the money order. I even called him on the telephone but he hung up on me. So I called MoneyGram with my confirmation number to verify if the money order was cashed and they said that it was cashed. They sent me information about the bank of where he cashed it in. Then when I sent him a complaint letter and forwarded it to the Grand Rapids police department and to the Michigan attorney general (Bill Schuette), he finally responded to me. He said that I'm the one who's scamming him. He threatened to sue me since he said that his father is a lawyer. WHAT A LIAR! I "Google searched" his last name and there's no lawyer whose last name is Geudry. Anyway, he claimed that he took pictures of the item that he sent to me. When I told him to show me proof, he then ignored me. I gave up since there was nothing I could do. One of the Grand Rapids police officers told me that the best I could do is to take him to court. It's not worth it because of lawyer fees and traveling, which would be way more than the $60 just to buy this audio interface. Plus, he goes by his stage name "King Krimzon" where he does violent rap music talking about raping women and killing people. He frequently hangs out at the Flamingo Lounge (930 Bridge Street NW, Grand Rapids, MI 49504) to perform his "cRAP" music.

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