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Niche Site Formula

Country Canada
City Toronto, Ontario
Address 4711 Yonge Street 10th Floor

Niche Site Formula Reviews

  • Mar 5, 2018

John Gibb had a program where he sold his customers websites that his team would work on to get them ranking in the search engines. The cost of this service was $997.00 per month. i was in it for 7 months and it soon becamce clear that his team had completly fallen apart and nothing that was sold to us ever happened.

Half way through my 7 months, I experianced all kinds of issues with every aspect of this service. I kept being told it will all be fixed soon and not to worry. Soon after, they came clean with the fact that they were not going to be able to fulfill as promised.

I opened seveal dispute tickets with PayPal and immediatlly was contact by John Gibb. He pleded with me to resend the disputes. He promised me that he was going to put me in a beta program and that they would use my success with this program to sell it to others. He was most convincing and I chose to cancle the disputes.

He strung me along a long time with that promise and finially told me that he did not have the time for that anymore and he would just reimburse me instead. He asked me to give him a couple of months, then when the months had pasted, it was again a couple of months, on and on.

He was in communication with me and insisted that he would make good on this and that he was not a scammer. The last communication I had with him with March 2017. He told me "I asure you you will get your money". After that, no more responses. So I contacted his business partner, Mo Miah in Aug of 2017. His partner told me that it would all be sorted out by Feb 2018.

Well Feb has come and gone, and they are not returning any emails or messages. So I would say that I was scammed. I have all of the Skype chats, emails and FB chats where they say what they are going to do about this as proof that they have done very wrong by me.

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