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Country United States
State Virginia
City Alexandria
Address 1420 King Street
Phone (888) 476-4238

Nicet Reviews

  • Mar 30, 2019

Took the level two recertification exam and was treated like a. Criminal had to go through such bullshit to take exam was palm printed six times upon entering and had to empty pockets out and do a pat down search and upon exiting palm print twice and there was not enough time to complete 109 questions which amounts to 1 minute and five seconds per question wat normal person can yet alone finish the test and pass it in this time that includes looking in the code books for answers it appears that nicet is just out to make money what a scam to the public

  • Mar 29, 2019

Nicet recertification

Took the level two test on Friday 4-29-2019 and scored a 433 on the test out of 109 questions which were related to management and contract compliance of fire alarm systems what that have to do with installing fire alarm systems nicet is a big scam and in. General a money maker and statistics show there is only a twenty percent success rate

  • Oct 10, 2017

NICET is a scam

NICET is a scam and needs to be remove from job requirements, I was amongst many that NICET claimed are license was expired, even though I just took and passed the next level exam. You pay them big buck evey 3 years to buy your license. Please someone sue them,and put them out of business.

  • Apr 1, 2019

Nicet recertification

Nicet is a big scam and they are in it for the money only there could care less about getting certified it is just a money maker they are even not rated by the better business bureau and they do not have the balls to call you back nothing but a big scam nicet is

  • May 24, 2016

The national Institute for certification in engineering technologies gives a test for electrical power testing a basic level one test which consist of approximately three areas field testing level I safety level I management planning level I, there were only 69 questions on the test 700 points is the maximum amount can get on the test which is equal to 100%, a passing score I was informed was 500 which is equal to 49.285% you only need a 50% to pass the test in each domain a candidate tested in Massachusetts whose name we will not say his test scores ranged a minimum of 50% to 80% range since the passing score was exactly 49.285%

Johnny as we will call him did pass the test, however the NICET took the $210 testing fee, and claim that the candidate did not pass the test, if the candidate got a total of 50 questions in one domain of the test over 60 questions correct in the second domain of the test, and over 75 questions correct in the third domain of the test this is approximately 185 questions, that the Institute claimed the candidate took, this does not seem logical since there were only 69 questions on the test, the candidate believes that he passed the test and his money was taken and since Pearson view has remote cameras in the testing center that relay images of the test taker back to the national Institute for certification in engineering technologies the Institute just

decided that a minority candidate was not a proper fit to pass the test the candidate was ripped off is not allowed a second chance to take the test, nor was he ever told that a passing score of 500 was required to pass the test, Johnny as we will call him, has proof that he passed all the domains of the test with scores over 50% in all three areas of the test a passing grade according to the national Institute for certification in engineering technologies is 500 points and or a 49.285% in the designated testing area Johnny was basically cheated out of his money and cheated out of his certification, this organization is so secret about takeing, tests, and specifically wants video footage of any minorities takeing any test to get certifications from the

national Institute of certification in engineering technologies, why this is so I cannot give an answer, however if you decide you want to take this test I would recommend getting a certification from another organization. The candidate believes that he was given a switched out, test that was more advanced than the test he was supposed to have been,but yet he passed it and was still denied certification, after he paid his $210 a report was filed with the Atty. Gen. in Washington DC but so far there has been no outcome or relief granted to the test-taker, there are other organizations that you can get certification from honestly, without having to go to the national Institute for certification in engineering technologies.

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