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NFP Federal Ltd

Country United Kingdom
State England
City Leatherhead
Address Fairlie Cottage, Oxshott Rd
Phone 44 7441 392676

NFP Federal Ltd Reviews

  • May 24, 2022

I was approached in late february 2022 by an individual on facebook with the screen name bitcoin joseph truskoski. We met through a facebook group dealing with crypto trading. He says he is the ceo of alex hydraulics ca. The website confirmed his claim but upon closer scrutiny this appears to be a fake site. He also has a profile on linkedin.

He showed me an ‘investment opportunity’ offering high rates of return using trading ai bots through nfp federal based in the uk. I was, of course, skeptical, but after doing a fairly in-depth web search could turn up no complaints or scamion. Joseph seemed to checkout so i decided to invest.

Nfp does have a valid uk company number 12042555. The business listed under that number is now a different name but says it was formally known as nfpfederal. The deposits were done via btc transfer to a wallet.

I made a series of deposits to get to the “gold” level where interest rates were better. I did a successful test withdrawal of $300 but i was becoming less comfortable as joseph kept pressuring me to get to the “diamond” level. I have an account portal which was updated daily so this all seemed legit.

After a considerable investment, i refused to add more funds. Joseph then offered to add the additional funds to make it to the diamond level. I could pay him back with the earnings. This is when the red flags started flying.

He added funds but it didn't quite get me to the diamond level, claiming he just didn't have enough. Conveniently this put me in an account transit status, effectively freezing my account. All i had to do was add another $21k to get to diamond. Yeah right..

After refusing, joseph says he needs that money back so he will add the remaining $21k. This is where it really gets good. A few days later he comes back, oh i made a mistake. Instead of $22k he adds $2,200,000 to the account. This takes me over any of the account limits, so a complete cash out was requested.

Enter state trust bank uk. Pretty cheezy website and no listing in uk for that bank, but conveniently their address is the same as a major bank with a similar name. They have my funds so i only have to give them $6,400 in btc to fund my account, even though the cashout was almost $2.5m. Needless to say i refused.

Thats where it still stands as there is little to no recourse to recover my funds except for equally phoney fund recovery services. Funny this guy has allegedly $2.4 million tied up but won't spring for the 6.4k. Anyway, hope this helps keep someone else from getting scammed by the same bunch of criminals.

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