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Next Gen Capital

Country United States
State California
City Murrierta
Address 40960 California Oaks Rd
Phone 412-228-2292

Next Gen Capital Reviews

  • Aug 8, 2019

M a commercial Loan broker who enlisted John and Eric's services. There were red flags from the beginning which I ignored. Poor communication after sending over 20 loans. They claimed they had 100% funding and 90% but once you sent all the clients info they would come back and say your client needs more experience.

They need 10 fix and flips in the las 2 years (which almost no one has) Then they would offer a solution. John would say he has a freind who is a contractor he can put his friend on the clients corporate resolution for a fee of $1500. This would give them the added experience that they needed to get approved and it was legal and none of the funds went to him they went to his contractor friend.

After doing several deals with him the price for adding his friend went up to 1% of the loan paid upfront and it would be written up as a consultant agreement. As time went by he revealed that this is how he makes extra money up front and even would refuse to refund some clients if the deal never closed. Turns out there all the money was going to him and a company he set up.

They faild to pay me on several loans making up excuses for months why i havent received my commissions. We had a broker agreement and a non circumvent agreement which he breached. He contacted many of my clients behind my back and even closed loans with them. that i found out about when my client confessed.

These guys are slime balls. Eric plays good cop pretending not to know whats going on while john is a unprofessional hot head who acts irrational and flies off the handle with clients. Through my research and conversation with them Ive found that they had these problems with other clients and even changed the company name.

They even discussed running loans through my company's name because of some problems they were having with past clients. I have a few of my clients standing by willing to give testimony of their experiences with these two as well.

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