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Nelly Shipping, Inc.

Country United States
State Florida
City Hialeah
Address 18791 NW 79th Way
Phone 1 786-260-2145

Nelly Shipping, Inc. Reviews

  • Oct 7, 2019

New Scam ;

Wanted Next Truck Driver, Chump

Got 1 Better, New Scam . They Call Themselves " NELLY SHIPPING " Think You Landed A Great new Trucking Job.. Well if it's in The Miami FLorida Area. Better Think Again, You Will First be told We hold A Week, After you turn in your first week of work.

Wait another week, Then There was A problem With You Direct Deposit,. Now They are holding 3 weeKs of your Pay. The fourth or fifth week out you will get your next Dispatch to Come Back To The Terminal and will not say why..

When You Get There You will Be Met By The Police or Just An Irate " Acting" Owner, Stating YOU ARE FIRED. And Get All Of Your Stuff OUT OF My Truck... You at this point are a Little Setback, You Thought you were doing a Great Job. Made all of your Pickup's and Delivery's on time.

The Police Are telling You He Owns The Truck and does Not Need A Reason.. Now You Just worked 3 to-5 Weeks Have not Gotten Paid, Are Out Of Money... So What Next ?? You Will Be Told The Check will be Mail on Friday.. You need your money, The Police Will Tell You it is A Civil Matter.

You Want to Know Why you are being Fired.. you will be told A short lie or Nothing ``I Do Not have To Give You A Reason.. Or You Fail A pre-Employment Drug Test.. Witch is a load of Bull That Test comes back in 3 days Not After You Have Been Working For A Month or More.. But it Makes You Look Bad To The Cops As Well…

All In All the Truck owner Just Got YOU To Work For FREE for A month. Already has Next Driver~Chump, picked And anxiously waiting to start work Tomorrow.

…These People Need to do some Jail Time.

Here is a list of known Scam Companies still in Operation.

Please if you have been robbed by these or another trucking scam let us know. Your information could result in a Reward and compensation for your lost wages.

Nelly Shipping LLC

Vega Bross Logistics LLC

Truck & Cargo LLC.

Samuel & Company LLC

Sunshine Trucking LLC

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