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Neighborhood Tire Pros & Auto Service

Country United States
State Georgia
City Decatur
Address 3589 Memorial Dr
Phone 1 404-891-0997

Neighborhood Tire Pros & Auto Service Reviews

  • Nov 11, 2018

At 9:00am, on 11/1/18, I went to Neighborhood Tire Pros - ATS on Memorial Drive to have them replace two thermostats in a 2007 Nissan Altima. I had previously taken the car to AutoZone to have it checked because the service engine light had come on and the printout stated that I needed to replace my thermostats.

At Neighborhood Tires I spoke with an M.M. who stated in order to see exactly what was wrong with the car he would have to check it out for $39.99. I told him that I did not have a lot of money and he agreed to forego the cost.

M.M. came back and told me that the problem was that I needed a radiator replacement and I gave him the go ahead to fix it thinking that maybe that must have been the problem instead of the thermostats.

After waiting about 4 hours M.M. came to me and said that in the process of doing the repair they had to take out the air conditioner and empty it of the fluids. He said that I would not need the air anyway until May and at that time I should come back to him and he would replace the fluids for around $129 or 169.

I went to a late lunch where I called the shop to see if my vehicle was ready and was told that it was not. It was around 4:30 pm then. I arrived back at the shop around 5:00 pm and asked M.M. why it took so long to fix my car. He said that something was stripped in it and the mechanic had to drill to fix it.

I paid a total of $461 and took my car. When I arrived in my driveway I noticed that the engine light was on. I called the shop and told them that the light was still on and was told to bring the car back to them which I did the next day.

In the meantime I received a text asking for my feedback on my experience at this shop. I let them know that I had an unhappy experience. M.M. came out to reset my computer telling me that this had nothing to do with the radiator and he would do it even though I gave him a bad review. I told him yes I did give him a bad review and that they had me sitting in that shop from 9:00am until 5:30pm for my vehicle and that I was the last person to leave the shop, people came in after me and were taken care of and I was still sitting.

He said that he told me they did not get the part until 1pm which was not true. He never mentioned how long it took to get the part. I told him that he did not tell me that and all it took was a little communication. M.M. told me that if my light came back on it would be the thermostats Mind you, previously he told me he ran a test and that it was the radiator that needed replacement instead of the thermostats. I asked him if I needed to replace them how much would it cost and he said $348.

This is what I went to the shop to get repaired initially but was told by him that I needed a radiator replacement. I got my computer reset and left.

The next morning I checked my car fluids to ensure all was well. I checked the fluids in the radiator and resevoir and did not see any so I added antifreeze in it. I noticed what seemed to me to be the same old hoses I had previously on my car before the radiator repair. I called the shop and told them about it and was told to bring it back because I had a warranty. When I got there I complained about the fluids being taken out of my air conditioner and not being replaced and was told that it should have been replaced and they would do so which they did after checking my radiator to find no leaks or holes.

After I left the shop I went to another Autozone to have them check why my engine light was still on. They checked and told me that I needed thermostats which I got replaced at my regular mechanic shop. The next night while picking up kids my car started smelling hot again but I managed to get it home. It has now been sitting in my driveway for a couple of days. I am back to square one with my car and have spent close to $700 to get it fixed.

I am a senior, widowed lady raising two greatgrandchildren on a limited income. I do not have money to give away. I believe what M.M. did to me at Neighborhood Tires was the same as Theft by Deception and he should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. I saw a number of seniors going in this shop the day I was there and later on found out that another senior lady had been dupped by this company.

I truly believe that they ruined my vehicle and took my hard earned money. I want everyone, especially seniors, not to use this unethical company.

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