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NE Autographs

Country United States
State Alabama
City New York
Address 514 West 15 Street

NE Autographs Reviews

  • Feb 3, 2018

SCAMMERS! I would give 0 stars if I could!!

People please do your research and don't make the mistake I did!! I unfortunately ordered 2 different posters from this company, 1 band and 1 movie. Both turned out to be fraud with valid proof!! Signatures didn't match up with the band poster after having them authenticated and the movie poster timeline didn't match due to an actor passing away and their answer of when they "acquired" it was after the actors passing date, so there was no possible way for it to be genuine. They were more than happy to answer emails before purchasing but completely ignored after... a total of 6 different emails. I emailed them several months later on a different email and they replied about the movie poster I purchased. After confronting them, this jackass gave me the incorrect information, which gave me the answer to it being a fraud (as I mentioned) and claimed they work with the FBI and NYPD to ensure the signatures are authentic HA!! I called them out, threatened to get my money back and of course they decided to not reply once again. I thankfully put in a fraud claim with my bank and got my money back. A BIG F*** YOU to this company and I hope you get busted one day, karma will be a B****! BEWARE! IF ITS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE, IT MORE THAN LIKELY IS!

  • Nov 22, 2016

I went online looking for a Trump autograpghed book. I found one advertised on the side page of Face Book under "Score Memoribilia." On 10 Novemebr 2016, I sent via Visa "Debit Card" $179.99 to them for the book. Since the book has not arrived, I tried to contct the compny. I called "Score Memoribilia" and they informed me by a return phone call that yet another comany uses their name to falsely take orders, and money. They said people call them all the time with the same, or similar complaint. Score Memoribilia told me the name of the company is NEAUTOGRAPH. There is no phone number for them, and the web address does not workwhatsoever.

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