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Country United States
State Alabama

NazOption Reviews

  • Sep 13, 2017

Nazoption has in excess of $44,000.00 of my funds in their trading account, and each time I make request to forward funds to my bank account they come up with ees that must be paid to get the transfer done. after each fee is paid, with assurance from them the funds will be trnasfered, they do not send funds but make a new request for more fees. the are hard to contact via message until they wnat funds then they are very resposive. on the last occassion they guaranteed funds to be transfered into my australian broker account. they stated the transfer was 100% guaranteed, and would go through within 12 hrs. this again did not happen, now they say they want further fees to be paid. i informed them that i consider them a scam and will report them to as many authorities as possible. they are on facebook under

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