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Country United States
State Nevada
City Las Vegas
Address 8400 W Clarleston BLVD # 205
Phone 702-358-2461

Natlass Reviews

  • Apr 6, 2019

I agree

They suck!

  • Mar 21, 2017

I was contacted by NATLASS aka natlass private limited, or natlass for my experience and ability to establish a startup in Ethiopia. I was promised reimbursement of expenses and a percentage in the Ethiopia office. Over the course of seven (7) months in 2014, I have been subject to fradulent activity and misleading information on behalf of the owners and directors of natlass asia construction pvt. ltd. aka natlass headquartered at 59, Jal Vihar Colony, Raipur, Chhattisgarh, 492001, India with offices at 8400 W. Charleston Blvd # 205, Las Vegas, NV 89117. The lead conspirators and conmen are Roy Carver III, aka Bobby Carver or Bob Carver and his partner Bikash Dash. During the seven months, I was commissioned on behalf of Natlass to do several business investment works for K-SPAN, Steel Containers, Container Conversion, Canopy, Cold Storage, Stadium Roofing, etc. leading up to their new East Africa office in Ethiopia. The efforts i produced included but are not limited to:vendor sourcing, material pricing, sales leads, operational and legal management, production of business marketing materials, product pricing, financial forecasts and more. Furthermore, I was convinced by Roy Carver aka Bobby Carver and Bikash Dash that all of the expenses invested into the effort would be reimbursed at the point of capitalization. After several agreements, verifications and international flights and meetings, Roy Carver decided to go on without me and use the material, informatin and data that was collected in a joint effort for his company sole benefit. I was never paid or reimbursed for the extensive amount of travel, hotels and associated expenses. Roy Carver and Bikash Dash led me to believe that we were engaged in a venture in Ethiopia when in fact they led me to exhaust all of my funds and effort for their own benefit. I highly advise all people deal carefully, if at all with these types of criminal minded "above the law" mentality people. It came to my attention later that Roy Carver is in fact wanted as a fugutive for debts in Dubai, UAE and had left customers Afghanistan with claims of outstanding balances and trickery performed on behalf of Mr. Roy Carver and Bikash Dash. Today, they have representation in Ethiopia where they have used my reports, data, intellectual property, connections, and so much more to their advantage. BEWARE OF THESE CONMEN ROY aka ROBERT CARVER aka BOBBY CARVER and BIKASH DASH!! THEY ARE PREDATORY BUSINESSMEN WHO BELIEVE THEY ARE ABOVE THE LAW. THey have ignored the letters written by my retained attourney (based in California) and do not accept responsibility for their actions, even at the detriment to myself and society. !!!WARNING!!! they're con-men.

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