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Nashville RV Repair

Country United States
State Tennessee
City Nashville
Address 227 Shady Grove Rd
Phone 615-535-3300

Nashville RV Repair Reviews

  • Mar 27, 2017

4 years ago, 1/1/2013 I took my 2005 Newmar Kountry Star RV to Jett Williams RV rental, in Nashville Tennessee, for a leaking roof. Mr williams and his staff assessed the problem and found a NEW roof and "sub decking" was needed .

After the repairs were made and the bill was paid ($6800.00) we took our first trip, WELL GUESS WHAT! It still leaked. I took my RV back to Mr. Jett Williams and they (his staff) proceeded to make repairs which was to apply MORE caulk in several areas.

Our next trip was about 2/3 months later, WELL GUESS WHAT! It still leaked in several places this time. YEP took it back to Mr Williams , well this time he (Mr Williams) looked it over and decided that it needed MORE caulk so he applied same and took a Water Hose up on top and said there were no More leaks!


Our next trip was several months later (not years).

This went on for 4 years, and I took it back 7 more timessince 1/1/2013, still leaking, and the last time Mr. Williams applied MORE caulk and said;

"If this don't fix it , I will pay to have someone else fix it"

Of course he Mr. Williams denied ever saying that to me , and guess what no witnesses!

As of 4 weeks ago I tried getting in Touch with Mr Williams to have him stick to his word (lol) and he always seem to be busy , unavailable,out of town. I finally got through to someone at his office and HEARD him in the background, and politely demanded to speak to him.

He denied the conversation about "him paying to have it fixed"

so I took it to a Reputable company in Knoxville. They assessed the Damage and after Diagnosing the problem and digging into the roof, if was found Massive damage from water , non standard material, Terrible workmanship, not having been installed right to begin with.

I had the Tech take pictures of everything and note down what was found.... NOT A PRETTY SIGHT>

Right now the Bill is at $20,000.00, any bets if Mr Williams will admit faulty work and material?

Now I am looking for a lawyer that will HELP!

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