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Nashville Matchmakers

Country United States
State Tennessee
City Franklin
Address 3325 Aspen Grove Dr. Suite 103
Phone 615-535-3226

Nashville Matchmakers Reviews

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  • Jul 11, 2017

This company was formerly Tennessee Singles and is now Nashville Matchmakers - at the same address. In a moment of weakness, I signed up for this service. I made an appointment on a Friday evening for a consultation. I am an educated person and did not have the opportunity to meet many new people on my own. I was shown (probably stock photos) books of successful matches and endorsements. I was assured I would be matched with people of comparable background, education and values.

Several weeks later they 'matched' me to a person who was unemployed and living in a pay by the week hotel. He had a terrible attitude and we did not actually go out. The second person 'matched' about two months later was a strange but nice person but we had absolutely nothing in common - at all. The entire encounter was very strange - very, very strange. I was a little afraid.

After that I was 'ghosted'. I am completely ashamed I was so gullible - the worst 'stupid tax' I have ever had to pay. Please do not trust these people - they will breach contract and hold you accountable for every penny. $5,000!!

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  • Jun 1, 2018

Waste of money and time

Very costly, they give a good sales pitch, you sign the contract, you wait, and then you see the truth. Not a pool of professional or even compatible people to match with. Very disappointed in this company and would not recommend it for anyone. I cannot even give this company a one star. I have made my complaints, get a phone call saying they are going to do better and then nothing for two or three months. The people they have matched me with I even asked the company if they had my profile mixed up with someone else as we had nothing in common. Once you sign the contract, you're stuck. Even if you want to opt out of meeting any more of their matches, you still have to pay, no way out. I seriously do not know how they have stayed in business. One of the worst mistakes I have made.

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