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Napleton's Mid Rivers Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram

Country United States
State Missouri
City Saint Peters
Address 4951 Veterans Memorial Pkwy
Phone 1 636-242-1437

Napleton's Mid Rivers Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram Reviews

  • Jun 19, 2018

Go elsewhere. This service department is untrustworthy and will overcharge you.

Issue #1

I brought in a Jeep Wrangler Sport because the check engine light was on. I received an invoice from Adam that had bogus charges on it for a 4 X 4, the jeep is not 4 X 4. The response for the $350.00 bogus charge was, "Oh sorry about that!" "I must have hit the wrong thing." Three days later the engine light comes on and I bring it back in but it is running perfectly so I assume that this defective signal. I was invoiced for a fuel pump replacement, a water pump, oil gasket, and 4 X 4 alignment. $2900.00 Invoice. More bogus 4 X 4 charges! I pick the car up to take it for another opinion. I show the photos and invoice. He shared that the only way the fuel tank piece could have broken was by the last person who worked on the car. All of the repairs did not have to be done. He tightened some loose valves and hoses and sent me on my way. He said I should call the last person who worked on the car so I did. I relayed the information to Stephan who said he was offended that I would accuse his mechanic of this mistake. I explained that I was relaying what I had been told. He said he would contact me when he heard from the manufacturer. I have not heard from him and that was last Thursday. Stephan is also aware of another issue that I have with another vehicle. Issue #2

Issue #2

I purchased a 2011 Jeep Wrangler Sahara in October 2016. I have brought the car in on 2 separate occasions for an oil leak. I have an extended warrantee. It has never been fixed. Frankly, after bring in my car and something being suspiciously broke on my car, I am afraid to even bring my car in to this service department again. It seems if you do not have a warrantee your service department will fix for a hefty price but if you have a warrantee they cannot repair the issue. Stephan knew this history and said he was on my side. I do not believe this because of his complete lack of follow up.

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