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Naples Singles

Country United States
State Florida
City Bonita Springs
Address 3301 Bonita Beach Rd SW #207
Phone 239-676-9421

Naples Singles Reviews

  • Aug 26, 2017

I am not in the habit of writing these kinds of things but after thinking about this for awhile I decided to go ahead. When I think about this organization I am reminded of the Latin term, "Caveat Emptor" which translates... "Let the buyer beware". I was initially contacted by these folks after mistakenly filling out what I thought was information on "Plenty of Fish". A man sounding more like a PT Barnum carnival guy calls me and convinces me that I should go and see a recruiter who will explain the company to me. I was skeptical but I was also lonely. People do a lot of things they would normally not do when they are hurting. I did meet with the recruiter who explained everything to me. I filled out some personality profiles, etc.,. Their location in Bonita Springs is in a very nice office location so they initially give off the appearance of being very legit. Although they tout themselves as an "executive level" service, the other employees that I observed in the office were not dressed professionally. After about a 2 hour meeting I decided to go ahead and fork over 6k. In return I was given a very cheap blue folder with some information about the rules, regulations, and a copy of my signed contract. As I was signing over my cash I did ask the recruiter if I there was any way I could get a refund and she really did not say anything. When I got home I realized that nowhere on any of the materials I received was there a single name of anyone I could talk to. There was simply a business card with a number for client services. I did, however, see on my contract that there was a 3 day rescind clause (why this was never mentioned to me while I was sitting in front my recruiter I don't know). I decided later to do some research on the company and found that there were many, many complaints on the web concerning this organization. Most of them were very alarming. I was wondering if I had made a poor decision and had a sleepless night. The next morning I got up and drove back to the Bonita Springs office only to find it closed. I then called the "client services" number and no one answered the phone. In fact, I had to call numerous times to get through... very troubling for an "executive level" kind of company. Apparently, the local office does not keep regular business hours. I guess they are only open when someone is coming in to give them money. Of course, this was never disclosed to me either. I actually sat in the parking lot for two hours waiting for the office to open. The contract does state that the only way you can cancel your membership is to either appear at the office or send a certified letter to them. Long story short, the more I dealt with them and looked into their processes, the more red flags kept popping up. By the end of the three days I went from being a "guy who many women would love to meet" to, "The reason you are single is because you are a difficult person and we would not want our clients to meet you". Hardly the kind if thing you would expect from an "executive level" organization. Lucky for me I was able to send my certified letter and get a full refund. Although the contract does not state this, they will tell you in client services that you can request a refund through them as well (it did depend on who you talk to. Some people said you could, and others said you could not). I would be very, very cautious about giving this organization your money. I don't think they are as professional as they want you to think. I dodged a 6K bullet here. Disappointing to be sure.

  • Aug 25, 2016

I sat down for 2 hours with a girl and poured my heart out about my relationship goals and personal life. She told me there were "hundreds" of men in their database with the details I am looking for. She assured me there were several to meet so I thought I'd try it. I have now been signed up a year and have been sent on 2 HORRIBLE dates! I actually ended up in the bathroom crying on the first date trying to call them to find out what they were thinking!!! Zero in common with either of them! In between the dates they called to ask me on a few occasions if I would be interested in meeting someone separated but still married. I thought this was a SINGLES service.?!? No I don't want to date someone still married. Which is clearly marked on my profile!!!! Both of the dates had admitted to me that they got "a deal" to sign up. I know they offered me one as well at $2000.00! The one guy said he paid $1500.00. I asked for my money back and they refused saying I had "signed a contract." Which obviously is full of loopholes for them to act like jackasses. Not only did they refuse a refund but they were nasty and full of attitude on the phone. Terrible customer service!!! I think it's awful for this company to prey on vulnerable, lonely people looking for love. I WANT MY MONEY BACK!!

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