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Nancy Interiors

Country United States
State New York
City Whitestone
Address 14-29 150th St
Phone 718-746-4955

Nancy Interiors Reviews

  • Jun 21, 2017

When this designer and I discussed ideas for custom made panels, I made it very clear that the largest openings could not exceed 3”. We discussed this many times. She stated that she understood what I needed. When we decided on this design, I stated again, that the largest openings could not exceed 3”. Again, she stated that she understood. I sent her an email acknowledgement confirming that the openings for this design could be anywhere between 1” and 3”, and I reiterated once again that the largest opening was not to exceed 3”. These panels cost me $18,000.

As she is well aware, when the panels were delivered to me, some openings were 4”. When I questioned her about it, she responded in writing, via text message. Her exact words were “I planned it this way, as I thought 4” was not a big gap”. By her own admission, she did not follow the instructions she was given, even though we had discussed it numerous times, and, she had it in writing. At no time did she ever address why she chose to change the specifications she was given, or what made her think she had the authority to do so. I was very specific about these requirements. She was in no position to make any changes to the specifications she was given. She was provided with very clear directives, which she was expected to execute, but did not, even though she stated that she understood. Her contention of no refunds on custom orders is pointless, considering the fact that these panels were made to “her” specifications, not mine, as supported and substantiated by the written documentation which we both possess.

I do not know which is worse, the fact that she refuses to accept responsibility further actions, or the fact that she is a liar, ultimately, both are unacceptable. The absence of character, reputability, truthfulness and integrity is evident. I have never worked with anyone who is so money hungry, and who has such disregard for a client, that they would attempt to shift the blame of a mishandled project to the client, rather than to accept accountability for their wrongdoing. It is disturbing to me how she is so comfortable lying about something which is very clearly documented in writing. Her falsities are currently documented and recognized with two US Government agencies. The fact that she considers herself to be a professional, but conducts herself in such a shady manner is alarming. She persistently blames others for faults of her own. An honest, reputable and trustworthy designer would have accepted responsibility for their actions, particularly when it is documented in writing, and can be proven. Any professional who is genuinely concerned about his or her reputation and integrity, would certainly not have handled this issue the way she chose to. She is a discredit to those in her profession who are truly respectable and decent. Her business ethics are undoubtedly questionable. Her handling of this issue, is extremely unprofessional, and reestablishes the fact that she refuses to accept accountability for her actions, even when the proof supports that she is at fault. Her actions and lies are a very clear indicator of the way she operates her business, and of her character as a person.

I have no respect for anyone who conducts themselves or their business in such an inexcusable manner. The respect I once had for her is long gone.

The written support I have compiled and retained is well documented. It is irrefutable, and corroborates the falseness and deceitfulness of her claims relating to the dishonest manner in which she chose to handle this and other problems on this project.

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