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Country United States
State Alabama

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  • Mar 6, 2018

I am Rebecca Burns. I live in Gainesville, FL. I created the domain in 1996 for my graphic design company, ComQuest Designs (C=Com; Q=Quest; D=Designs). i have had a web site up ever since and have always paid for my domain renewal.

On December 27, 2018 I was checking on my domains and noticed Network Solutions was transferring from me to a unknown party.

I called Network Solutions immediately to ask what was going on / to report it and they put a legal lock on it. Seems a person (unknown to me) sold my domain (worth $150k or more) on the platform to James Booth, aka Namespro, a domain reseller several weeks prior to me catching this activity. I called and they stated the buyer paid 19k for my domain. The seller was in California. I was told by Legal Lock, and Network Solutions NOT to contact the buyer, that their legal team(s) were investigating and would handle it.

HA! Joke!

Since December I have spent countless hours migrating my web sites to a new hosting company to secure them, as the breach of security started there. I have spent thousands of dollars on new services to protect my domain!

A person hacked into my web mail and created a forwarding email. I have screen shots of this! Once if found this in my account, immediately took screen shots, deleted the mail forward, reported it to and their new owner Endurance Group International.

Network Solutions PROMISED my domain would not be transferred as I reported the hack, the fraud.

However, today (3/7/18) I found out because I was following up with a phone call to Network Solutions, as I had been emailing requests for status but never heard back from them, that their Director of Investigation, Tom Lam at, in Nova Scotia had concluded his "investigation" into my complaint and found no reason to stop the transfer. WHAT? He never reached out to speak to me. What did his “investigation” entail? Nothing with me, that’s for sure!

SO my is now transferred as of today to a person who purchased stolen personal property so that he can resell it and make a huge profit.

I never authorized this transaction. I never signed any paperwork. I never spoke to anyone with my voice at my phone number allowing this!

HOW DOES THIS HAPPEN? my domain was my retirement fund! I had it listed for sale through for $150K! I don’t have a lot of money! James Booth apparently does though! He boasts about it on his web site. Rags to riches. Well he stole my money!

I had offers on it constantly and refused as high as 80K for it. WHY would i sell it to james booth, a reseller for 26K, as he claims, or 19K as claims. I don't know what it sold for. I didn't get a penny.

Now my web site is gone! My pointer will to my site: but I have never advertised this domain and I don’t have an email created for it. It all centered around

How can this happen? is righfully my domain and I will work to get it back and push through whatever I have to for retribution. I have been crying all day, to the point that I now have given myself black eyes. I am in essence out of business. My emails [email protected] and [email protected] are going where????? How will my years and years of customers now reach me? I’ve been in business since before the web! 1990! What about all of my years of branding and printed materials? Google Analytics? PPC? All of my marketing monies...for what? So a thief could steal my domain, and a reseller buyer could steal my domain.

Is this really happening to me and all my years of hard work? This is not right!

I have worked so hard and was promised this would not happen. But it has. And now I will embark on a legal battle to get my domain back. I am the rightful owner of!

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