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Nalu Boutique

Country United States
State Maryland
City Frederick
Phone (888) 612-9187

Nalu Boutique Reviews

  • Apr 2, 2019

I ordered clothes for my upcoming holiday. I have sent numerous emails and tried calling but they never answer. It's almost 3 weeks without a tracking number and my planned holiday is fast approaching

  • Jun 14, 2017

I made a purchase and awaited reply regarding shipping, i reached out by email and phone still no reply, i finally got their attention via their instagram page @nalusboutique i sent a message and i also commented on their recent pictures to see if i can finally get their attention regarding my order.

They DM me back saying Hello? whats the order number (very unprofessional from the get go) i proceeded to provide them with the information, it seems like they wanted to engage in a rant of some sort and i let them air out their grievances, they told me they had a BBB A+ grade and that they have been highly successful in staying in business for four years (bragging and irrelevant to my order) they also offer to cancel my order IF it has not shipped yet, at this point they are going back and forth trying to provoke me but still they have YET to locate my order or know the status.

I decline/ignore the offer of cancelation as i wan the goods i purchased and they proceeded to RIDICULE me for the amount of my order, they said that i was posting and making a fuss for a $19 jumpsuit as if the fact that it was not a large order DID NOT merit their complete professionalism and attention to my order regardless of the amount. They then proceeded to inform me that my order had been canceled and refunded, i told them it is not about the money but about the professionalism and they implied that I was being unprofessional NOT THEM. They then had the audacity to completely BLOCK me off their instagram account just because i was an unsatisfied costumer, i post no threat to them after they issued a refund.

  • Jul 28, 2017

Thank you for your post

I was just about to order a several things from them, but glad I saw your experience posted. Thank you.

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