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Nader Armanious M.D

Country United States
State California
City Panorama City
Address 8780 Van Nuys Blvd
Phone 818-984-8882

Nader Armanious M.D Reviews

  • Aug 22, 2017

>> Dr Nader Armanious Incompetent Buffoon, divorced, engaging in Prostitution activities and more.

>> Van Nuys, CA


>> This incompetent Dr barely speaks English. Knows nothing about medicine that's even if he knows how to read it or understand it. Submits fraudulent billing to insurance companies. His reputation in his community is horrible.


>> Since I've never dealt with such an incompetent doctor before, we've made our own investigation and background check on that fool.


>> Sure enough, we've attached filed court records in Los Angeles Superior Court in the lawsuit Dr Nader admits sleeping with a prostitute whom he hired in his OFFICE to draw blood from his patients.

Who also is illegal in the United States.

>> lawsuit against him for Rape, Sexual Harassment and much more from his own employee who is according to court records is:


>> 1) Prostitute

>> 2) House cleaner

>> 3) Illegal in the country and had a fake social security number.

>> 4) Has a 5 years old daughter with a father who is convicted felon, alcoholic and "wanted" to be deported.


>> According to Court records, Dr Nader Armanious's own testimony is that he took her to his apartment and had sexual intercourse with her after he gave her alcohol in the next day after her dad passed away.


>>once again Dr. Nader Armanious who is 55 years old hired a woman who is prostitute, an illegal immigrant and her background experience is cleaning people's residences and trained her to draw his patients' blood. The prostitute has 5 years old daughter from a convicted felony wanted to be deported to Mexico.


>> How can any patient trust their body and their health situation in his sleazy hands? This doctor is a fraud.

> Court records mention way much more details than we are posting. We've attached the actual court filed case records if you are interested to investigate further.


>> We will never do business with this trash and Yes we've asked around the community and sure enough they have knowledge with more details where his own wife divorced him after 6-7 months of marriage.


> Go to a reputable doctor and do NOT trust this idiot.

We will make sure the California Medical Board has knowledge of such conduct.

This despicable conduct has to be punished to set an example for corrupt doctors like him.

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