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Country United States
State California
City El Segundo
Address 909 N. Sepulveda Blvd., Suite 540
Phone 310.227.8230
Website Reviews

  • Dec 23, 2015

This is the worst company I have ever dealt with. Having been in Shenzen myself I know that products are made for pennies on the dollar. That said this product is made for children and is the worst actual tablet I have ever seen. Firstly I bought it for my son as he is very gifted and I wanted something that would help him learn more. The product itself seems fine at first, I bought the NABI DREAMTAB. The "bumper" is so flimsy and no other bumper is offered even for purchase or to upgrade. Because of how it is made and the size of childrens hands it is unfortunately inevitable that ANY child (unless they have monster hands) is going to grab it by the flimsy rubber-band like bumper. There is NO SCREEN PROTECTOR, there is a pen but it works better with the hands until that stops working.

Then the cord. OMG--there are tutorials on how to change the cord to a NOKIA or other brand as the cord is so bad that it actually breaks within days and their answer to that is to "buy an upgraded cord with a discount code they will give you". They act like they barely ever hear this complaint but ask any parent who has bought this product and you will hear the same thing. I NEVER saw a cord literally bend (the male part) almost immediately and slowly be so bent you need to buy a new one.

The tablet itself is flimsy at best, made of cheap plastic. You do not make a kids tablet of CHEAP plastic, use your brain. Then they have the only customer service that responds, so-called "HAPPINESS AMBASSADORS" it only takes aboout 3 hours to speak to one then they tell you to take photos and send them, the first time they responded and replaced my tablet, this time I have yet to get a response at all and it is going on two months. I have actually thrown it out and written it off.

This is the WORST company. Seriously buy your child a tablet like an iPad Mini or anything else, get a children's bumper, put on parental controls and set up an account and download age appropriate things, it is a much better solution than this company's rip-off. This is pure insanity, I hope someone brings a class action lawsuit as I will be the first in line for that. They are a typical scam company.

  • Dec 13, 2015

Bankrupt yet taking orders

Ordered November 25th after receiving a personal invite with a coupon code.

Got my child a tablet for Christmas.

Took my money. Supposed ship in 5-10 business days.

December 13th. Nothing.

Wait times on phone are 2-3 hours and then you get hung up on.

Tons of other families like ours.

They filed for bunkruptcy and are still taking orders.

Some on their Facebook page have been waiting since early November.


  • Dec 9, 2015

I bought a nabi big tab online back in 2014 for my husband christmas present and when i recieved it i charged it like it has told me too, and it would not turn on. I call nabi about it and they had me try all of these steps and still nothing worked. So i had to show my husband his gift early seen we could not get it to work, so we called nabi back and they told me that they would be sending us a new power cord. we waited and waited finally we call nabi back 2 weeks later asking for a order number and they said they don't have one and that it was shipped to us . and couple days later we called them back and they told us that the item was not even shipped and they will be shpping it today. We were mad about it and we said what if it the nabi big tab and they said if the cord does not work then it might be the nabi big tab it self they said it could be a couple of weeks until we get our item. So we asked for our money back seen it was going to be a long wait. We said never again will we buy a nabi item again. Until our daughter wanted one for christmas this year, she asked for a nabi dream tab so we said ok we will try agains seen it was for our child. Well we order it on Dec 2 2015 and we are waiting still for them to ship it and its Dec 8 now i have cal the 3 days in a row and all 3 days the phone lines say the is over an hour of wait time. We the first night i waited 1 and a half hour long nothing the next day i waited 5 hrs on the phone still nothing and today i waited 3 and a half hours still nothing i don't even know if the item works i don't even know if it wil be here in time. I don't know if they ran out and im not getting one. All i know is that they took my money the same day i order and i can't get a hold of any one. I fill as if i lost my money and time for both last christmas and this christmas. if you have any question please call me at

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