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N.E.W. Customer Services Companies, LLC.

Country United States
State Tennessee
City Nashville
Address 648 Grassmere Park
Phone (800) 942-8763

N.E.W. Customer Services Companies, LLC. Reviews

  • Nov 23, 2016

About 1 1/2 years I purchased a brand new Samsung refrigerator (model RF32FMQDBSR) from my local HomeDepot . A few months after the purchase the ice maker stopped working, every time I buy a new appliance, I purchase an extended warranty from the store that sold the appliance. I found particularly attractive their ' no lemmon guarantee' I ignorantly assumed this was a Home Depot warranty, of course I was sorely mistaken.

It turns out that the extended warranty was thru N.E.W. Customer Protection Company, Inc. & while not entirely sure I strongly suspect this company is somehow connected to Asurion another extended warranty company with equally questionable reputation based on what I'm able to see online.

To say that dealing with them has been nothing short of a nighmare would be the understatement of the year.

Rather than bore u with the painful detail of each of the numerous calls, I estimate that I have made somewhere betwen 10-15 calls give or take a few.

The business is in the city of Chicago, with zip code 6 Yet another Rip Off from this Home Depot company on my brand new SAMSUNG top of the line fridge.

Their contracted technicians have been in my house somewhere between 5-8 times. After all this, the icemaker is not working. They have replaced the entire unit twice & on the 1st repair changed an electronic board + auger.

I spoke with one of their rep supervisor many weeks ago, she stated that they were only counting 3 repairs, & after the next one that would kick in the lemmon provision. Of course that took place, but nothing changed.

Again, a few month elapsed & the unit failed again, I called & was told that the lemmon provision had kicked in & had to be verified & they would send a tech, to confirm the unit was not working. This individual showed up & said that the problem was that in prior visits some part had not been installed. I told him clearly that his visit was simply to confirm & not to repair (as I was told by the rep I spoke with).

2 weeks after his visit i hadn't heard from NEW so I called & spoke with yet another supervisor who initially agreed that the # of repairs for the ice maker was more than 3, but since a part had been ordered by their techs they couldn't submit the claim until that part was installed. Needless to say I was not pleased to hear that & repeated to him what I had been told, so he siad he couldn't guarantee anything but if I wanted him to, he'd speak with his 'management team'

When he got back on the line, the story suddently changed & he was only counting 2 repairs becuase in his view the replacement of the board & auger were part of the 1st unit replacement so I had 1 more repair to go (???????????)

Needless to say I was extremely angry & he offered to send it to the unit that determines when they replace a unit but he was pretty sure they would say the same thing.

So once again I'm 1 repair away from replacing the fridge.

In summary: don't buy appliances from Home Depot, no matter what the price or any other company that uses Ausrion or New as their extended warranty vendor. IT'S A RIP OFF

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