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report scam

Country United States
State Florida
City Sarasota
Address 4299 Express Lane
Phone 1.941.227.4444
Website Reviews

  • Jul 26, 2018 advertises as a cheap and amazing way to get items bought on Amazon sent to them first, then they send the items internationally using fedex.

Many items on Amazon US are not available for shipping oversees, I ordered 2 jar of Ginseng supplements from Solgar, along with 3 bottles of organic essential oils from other merchants. It took them forever to send the items, they charged me quite an expensive price compared to what Amazon would chartge me. Most importantly, they wanted to charge me over 20 USD to send one of the bottle of essential oil, for some paper work they said was needed.

On top of that, they finally sent me the rest of the items via Fedex, charging me about 40 usd for the shipping + 7 USD of monthly membership.

The shipment never arrived to me in Mexico, they had forgotten to fill up some paperwork, as a result, I did not get my package, Fedex called me about 3 weeks later to tell me that the shipper had made a mistake by not filling that paperwork, they should have known better.

In the end, the shippment got back to America at and I see a new charge of 40 USD on my cerdit card, I don't even know why because Fedex said they would sned the items back to for free.

At the end, there were no customer service at, it is impossible to contact them by phone of by chat, it takes them 48 hours to respond to an email request, but there is an absence of direct contact making me very hard for the customer to talk to them and fix a problem.

I have lost 80 USD in shipment so far, I did not get my items, the items are worth 80 USD and the member ship is 7 USD, I am basically loosing a total of almost 200 USD ( I had to pay for shipment from Amazon to tostart with) I did not receive my items and I am really angry.

I am writing that report for people to know that is a bad service, it rips its customers off, has no service, and I want my money back, I hope that will help.

  • Mar 30, 2017

I ordered from

And then stole my package.

Please feel free to contact me by Skype or phone or email as refuses to let me talk to a manager.

They only have some random Filipina girl or some (probably) Indian or Pakistani guy who are full of s***. STOLE my package from Ebay!!!!

Be careful!

  • Jul 30, 2015

I have been using MyUS for 2 years. My recent shipment is a nightmare! One of my valuable items has gone missing upon receipt of my parcel.

Firstly they cancelled the original shipment, repacked and sent (Fedex AWB 781006106815 changed to AWB 781010635369) The repacking net weight is less but the box is bigger (showing that less item/weight was in the repackaging) It was shown that the cancellation of shipment and repacking were done by Michael and Brandon.

I had been asking why repacked the parcel in the first place ( I had never complained about the postage) and no reasonable answer was given. This person named Kathleen had been sending me apologetic emails but could not give me an exact answer why and who initiated the cancellation and repacking.

When I asked them to search their premise again as maybe the item had been left out, they did not bother to check.

I suspect a theft issue here! What should I do?

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