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  • Apr 15, 2018

It originally started last year when I took flight to China and bought a return ticket to save cost! Big mistake. Arrived at !y destination, August 2017, and received numerous emails regarding the rescheduling of my return flight home this year Jan 2018. I finished my studies earlier. Visited the airlines informed needed to contact them did so, received prompt response I needed to pay costs for bringing the date forward bearing in mind changes they've made and me now bringing the date forward! Paid additional costs! Then apon my return to China, purchased with them again.

Visa applications required return flights hence, I was delayed so had to rebook! Or change. But informed them on the same day I need to reroute since visa delays etc etc for visa applications have to take the flight on that day still jus different destination. They in turn informed me that the consultant of the affiliated airline canceled the ticket and they were unable to help me! Went back to the airline and asked if this is true, the airline consultant blankly denied all and sent me an email instead of costs incurred and the ticket was still available. Company jargon I had no clue of! Insisted I don't want a refund but the airline consultant then said I should approach for refund. Said I dont want I was going to take the flight but you cancelled it and they cannot help me!

Consultant did nothing to help me solve or offer any solution, merely showed irritation and lack of empathy for what has happened! Returned to the airline again to ask what costs will be incurred and he gave me exorbitant amounts I just gasped. Kept my composure and this consultant, Ethiopian airlines, offered no help telling me costs but not helping me with a solution or offering compensation for what he has done! I left it. I then purchased another ticket with a different airline. Got to my destination and before I left I even informed the Ethiopian airlines consultants manager, offered no help, sent list of company breakdown, jargon I didn't understand! Nothing has been done.

Thought just leave it So two weeks ago I sent an email requesting my refund, received automated message someone will contact me soon. Nobody has. Sent another email two days later. Still no response! Sent another email more than a week later! Still nothing. Sent a message on Facebook, still no response. So now I'm sending my complaint here hoping someone can help me get the proper service, compensation and the stress I've had to endure with these people!

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