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Country United States
State Texas
City Pasadena
Address 3115 Preston Ave
Phone 1-877-298-9099


  • Aug 17, 2017

Do not hire these people!! I hired them only to be left at the traffic alter! I was told that my tickets would most likely be dismissed or in the least reduced..ok, fair enough right? Paid my fees, got my confirmation email, and waited for my day in court. Welp, my day came, went to court, and per the instructions on the email, sat down and waited for my lawyer to call my name....there were a few lawyers there calling names patiently kept waiting. No one called my name and at this point we all had to rise for the judge. Even after the cases were lawyer. Case after case (we're are about 20m in to the docket) lawyer. MY NAME IS FINALLY the judge (FML), and still no lawyer. So now I've paid for representation and nope nothing PLUS now I have to pay the full amount of the ticket, no dismissal, no reduction, no help. When I called the listed phone number, the offices were closed, so the next day when I called around 10a the rep asked if I called to see what was going on..ummmmm you were closed. So I explained what happened. She said she was going to get a hold of the attorney and find out what happened then call me back. So I waited once again, till about 545p and called back to follow up since i still had not heard back from these people. When I inquired on why I haven't heard anything I was told because they haven't heard anything from the attorney yet, but this NEVER happens. So now I'm waiting on my refund, which I'm not to confident on receiving with out a hassle, plus i still get to pay my exhorbant traffic fine. DO NOT USE THESE PEOPLE! WASTE OF MONEY AND TIME!! All the articles below about why you shouldn't pay your fines and hire them are marketing ploys. DON'T FALL FOR THE HYPE!!

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