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Country United States
State Ohio
City Toledo
Address One Seagate, Suite 1450
Website Reviews

  • May 23, 2017 is a ripp off, everything seemed to be fine until late last year they dont respond to you, until so many emails then when they do carole adams she is rude and gives one liners with no information at all. i ve been doing survey from months and its been saying technical difficulties at the end and then also says thank you so i dont know what to believe the technical issues part or the thank you we done the survey. then when i finally look to see if ive been earning all thse points for all those survey....I AM NOT!!!! not recording the points this is horrible, my time and my life and how many months with how many points missed?? and sometimes the surveys are worth 50 or 100 points and one of those surveys takes 45 min to an hour to complete. f****** retards. sometimes it also says im not a member, or cvannot login or no record of that email exists but when i click on the email in my inbox it works???

as well as lastly i registered as a certain name which is indeed my real name and the emails i get has a different spelling of my name (one letter is not the same), WHAT TREATMENT from CAROLE ADAM , AND SHE KNOWS ALL OF THIS FROM EXPLAINING IT TO HER , TRYING TO, THROUGH EMAIL AND SHE DID AND DOES NOTHING..... #FRAUDS!!!

ps ...she is the only one you can contact and ONLY TRHOUGH EMAIL. maybe its time to get a more responssible assistant or whatever her job is, who has respect, knows her job and is willing to help instead of taking money for free. (some job), i wish jobs were like vacations and was that easy!!!

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