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  • Aug 16, 2017

I hired on 5/1/2017. I ordered: Logo Design Options-: [PLATINUM]: 8 Logo Designs + UNLIMITED Revisions for $119.00 USD and was charged thru PayPal under the name Logo Design. This is their policy: We of course have a 90-day evaluation period, where if you are not one of our 98.6% of satisfied clients, let us know. You will receive a full refund. I had specific animals I wanted my logo designed to look like. From the beginning the designs have been clip art only and look nothing as all like the pictures I have sent multiple times. I was originally told I would receive my completed design in 24 hours. After I didn't like my first designs I was supposed to receive every logo update every 1-3 business days. These deadlines were often not made as promised. And instead of 8 different logos received every time with the changes I requested they only worked on 1 logo design at a time. I sent this request for a full refund on 5/19/17: Subject: 2nd request: REFUND NOW please confirm amount returned, how, and when I have opened this file on my computer and am still only seeing 1 revised design, when I have paid for 8 designs. The design also does not include anything like the pictures I submitted. This process has wasted 2 weeks of my life and I have received nothing even close to what I paid for. This is my 2nd request for a full refund to be processed immediately. Please include when the refund is processed, for what amount, and if it’s mailed or credited back to my credit card. If a full refund is not credited back by Friday May 26, 2017 (which gives you 5 business days),

then I will be contacting my bank to challenge the amount paid as fraud. I will give you negative reviews on your website and with the Better Business Bureau. If a full refund is received, you will never hear anything from me again anywhere. They responded 5/22/2017: Carly, While we do have a satisfaction guarantee, please do understand that we were very clear in the terms as originally outlined on our web site that you must allow us a minimum of 90 days to perfect your new logo design before requesting a refund. This is a service and not a product that can be resold. We have already paid our designers from the funds that you have paid us to design your logowork and these funds cannot be returned to us. Unlike our competition, where 99% of them do not offer any guarantee at all, if you are not satisfied for any reason with your logowork, we will ensure to work with you in order to receive the logo of your dreams. With our satisfaction guarantee, we will design your logo until you are completely satisfied, at no additional cost to you. As originally outlined on our web site checkout page: "Remember.. If you are not part of the 98.6% of our 75,000+ satisfied clients and we are unable to design a logo to your satisfaction after 90 days of us trying our best, You will be issued a complete & total refund of your payment. 100% Guaranteed."

We kindly request allowing the required 90 day evaluation period, allowing us to design and create your new logo design to perfection and see the results from utilization of your new logo before requesting a refund per se the terms of the satisfaction guarantee as outlined on our web site. We have this policy to ensure clients realize all the money, time and effort put into your logo design & allow us time to make things right. 98% of our clients eventually receive a logo design they really love. As a small business, I'm sure you can understand, it is easy to ask for a refund and not very easy to recover from such a huge loss in investment that we place in your logo design. Logo design services are not like a product that can be resold to other clients. We invest on average 80% of your purchase price into paying our logo designers initially for your custom and unique logo design. This means if you paid $119 for your logo design package, our small logo design business invests an average of over $100 to the graphic designers for your logos. We know you love the quality of our work, as you selected us to design your logo based on all of the great examples you saw on our web site. I'm sure you can appreciate all of the time and effort our small logo design business puts into our logo design creations for as low as $15 per logo design concept.

Unfortunately, unlike a product, there is no way we can ever resell your logo to another client to obtain this investment back. Since you are unhappy with your original logo designs, we have now escalated you to our master logo design department and will provide you with unlimited new logo design concepts and unlimited revisions and corrections until you are absolutely satisfied with your new logo. As said, per se the 90 day satisfaction guarantee as outlined on our web site, you must allow 90 days of allowing us to create, design and revise your new logo design to perfection and then test it out to see if you receive the results you are looking to receive with your new logo, before requesting a refund. If after 90 days you are not receiving the anticipated results from client responses to your new logo and we are unable to make a logo to your satisfaction, simply let us know and we will issue you a full refund as outlined on our web site. Please let us know anything and everything we can do with your logo design creation to ensure your 100% complete and total satisfaction. If you would like ideas for the new perfect logo design that we can design for you, attached are 1,000+ of the top rated logo designs in the world. Let us know what style(s) you like and we can make a logo in design and style for you with anything else you request. Thank you so much once again for choosing us to design your logo! Your business is greatly appreciated and we look forward to working with you for years to come. Customer Service Department Premier Logo Designers Today is 8/15/17:

I am unhappy today as I was 5/22/2017. The design is still only clipart that I have found online so assume is free design work instead of the custom design work that I paid for to look like the pictures I have submitted of my pets. Therefore the designed logo does not look like I want it to and instead of bringing me joy everytime I look at it, it makes me sad. The logo also doesn't blend together as the 4 animals are probably cut and pasted from different designers online and therefore, are different styles of art and from different perspectives. This 105 day delay of getting a logo designed has cost me thousands of dollars due to loss of business because I can not get business cards, set up a Facebook page, and website without a proper logo that represents me, my company, and my business. I have been able to hand out business cards to clients, friends, and people around town that would use my business. I have submitted all of this information to for a full refund as it's been over 90 days and I do not have even 1% satisfaction with the logo. If I do not receive a full refund by 8/22/17 which is 5 business days then I will contact PayPal and my credit card company to see if they can reverse the charge and give me a full refund. Any further advice would be appreciated.

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