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Country United States
State Illinois
City Glenview
Address 2123 Warwick Lane
Phone 1-312-252-0586
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  • Dec 18, 2017

After 7 years on site was banned because of a scamming model. i bought tokens and it was for life membership.

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  • Mar 19, 2019

iv been banned from models for asking how a memebr can tip so high..guitly much! alot of them are scams top models especially

Kickaz is one of them.tipped her and pmd her with a tip asking how much you charge..she responded..where you at? I said I meant what do you charge to strip your clothes off and she immediately banned me..I read all I need to on her blog and posts shes a wack job. I bet many of them are.

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  • Sep 23, 2017

Alesia_4u a model with My Free Cams has been scamming guys for a long time including me as I just found out. Says she needs money for surgery and needs $1000 and yes I sent it via WU. Than she needed an other surgery and needs $500 and I sent it like a FOOL IDIOT. Than she lost her phone and than her Laptop broke and you guess the rest. Watch out guys. She is really good.

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  • Feb 26, 2018

big time scammer

I was also taken in by this Alesia_4u Scammer....Just don't ever send her money unless your loaded.

  • Feb 26, 2018

Bad News Guys

One of the worst scammers on MFC

  • Feb 11, 2020

Used to work on mfc as a model until 3 times my account was hacked. First time it was a top model. Mfc took her side and denied my proof. Second and third time was through the pm system. I had a member on my friends list and gave him access to private message me and he hacked my account through it.

That was enough for me to pull the plug but on top of that when you ban members from your room they can still see your cam any time. I emailed support over all three issues and they blew me off so I closed my account. This site isnt safe. Its not secure. Imagine what gos on that I didnt catch.

If members and models can hack into other accounts what else can they see. Two step verification doesnt work it only gives mfc your personal phone number. Maybe if they didnt have so much going on in their site they could focus on security for the models....and members but instead they were rude and lost income from me.

Will never work for a company who treats people this way.

  • Nov 21, 2019

When a business lies and responds with simple minded answers it says alot about what they think of their customers and models.

Default settings on MyFreeCams is arranged where you see all the top models first. MyFreeCams is rigged to keep their pimped out models on top which is why the same models are always at the top of the pages. They designed the cam score and rank so that only their own girls they pimp out get on top and top searches on mfcshare by using fake tips online and offline. Because of this system the score for any average joe model will be impossible to increase and stay up. If a model has a score of 1000 they are above average already but it is very hard to keep it up there and much higher than this. It will not move much even after long hours of privates, 3 or 4 digit tips and consistant work days making it impossible to get up on the page for clients to find them. It is unfair not only to the hard working girls who want to put everything into camming and provide honest services but to the client members also. Giving the illusion to veiwers and paying customers that what they see on top is the best of what they have to offer when really it is not so at all. They use the rigged contest to get client members to tip more in support of their favorite model but clients are just giving into a con. All it is for them is a way to advertise their prostitutes and porn stars which are the most fake girls you can come across. Mfc does not care about their customers and models and the bad reputation they are creating. Very unprofessional site and company. I do not support mfc for being a big con. Computer geeks without any business skills and common sense.

. Mfc is lazy they sit on their a*s while the models do all the work then take half of what they make and cant even give us customers decent customer service and manage an honest site. If you treat your potential client members and models like they are stupid that makes you the stupid ones.

  • Jul 30, 2019

avoid Russian models

Every single Russian models room iv hit up were either a complete dumbass wretch or scammer. Even the top models who are Russian they are all scamming. Hsvnt seen one yet that has been legit Watch all u can but dont spend a dime on them they are the biggest con's on mfc.I don't know why but mfcs Russian models are a different breed

  • May 21, 2019

Former MyFreecams model of 6 years. I finally got the chance to quit and make money elsewhere where I can get some respect!. Models and members BE VERY CAUTIOUS. There is no real privacy on mfc at least for me...I know shocking right! being a porn site in all..I would assume all the cam sites are just as bad but I can tell you with fact mfc employee OR members can and will hack into models accounts beyond boundaries!. This happened to me.

I had a member gradually try to take all business out of my room by excessive chat and pm other members in my room to leave mine. This member also somehow hacked into my pm's and was reading chat between me and my girlfriend then made it known he was reading it by responding to my comments between me and my girlfriend.

Not just a looser but not the sharpest tool in the shed either. His name is (Mathias44) on MyFreeCams. One of MalanaTwitch's regulars. Hes a piece of work. BLOCK HIM Ladies! . He will become obsessive and spy on you ILLEGALLY. He knows his way around a computer. He also uses more than one account so just be aware. many of members do this with several accounts. Its in their chatting habits and how they talk to you its always a pattern, obvious to a woman with half a brain. I know of at least 3 other accounts he uses to try to appear as someone new. Its not. BEWARE OF THESE HACKER PLAYERS.

This guy always had tokens and alot of them. Dont use the friends list feature EVER .It can at least make it harder for them to hack. NEVER SKYPE AND NEVER VIEW CAMS. These are things that will jepordize your safety and I do not want any low life getting away with this so I am warning other girls.

I reported him to mfc customer service and never got a response. I contacted them again a month later and never got a response. Either A...mfc employee did it and got caught or B..a member bipassed mfc's security and mfc did nothing about it..because he is still on mfc to this day..any other business would have banned this person from their site for hacking into their system. Either way it is very insecure with NO PRIVACY.

Risky to have any personal info attatched to these people so always use a vpn, block your ip and never give mfc your real address if possible use a po box. Mfc could care less to what happens to any model or member on their site. All they care about is money and pimping out models..sad common truth. So join at your own risk as a member and especially as a model. MyFreeCams is anything but professional and reputable. Very shady things are going on. Some are one in the same..Employees who will come across as outsider members... not really. I made over 12,000 a year on mfc but it wasnt WORTH SACRIFICING MY PRIVACY AND SECURITY.

JUST BE VERY CAUTIOUS IF YOU MUST CAM. Camming is a common place for pedophiles that want a shaved pu**y to fantasize underaged hairless girls, criminals, prisoners and awkardly lonely men who have nothing better to do with their time than hack, spy on others and play on mfc 24 hours a day. Dont attract those individuals and keep it professional and impersonal between you and customers. Dont turn a regular into a stalker. Some will do it for the game but their are some who do it with ill intentions. BE ATTENTIVE. PAY ATTENTION and be aware you are being watched even though they say they dont monitor rooms they do and twisted things still go unpunished.

  • Apr 8, 2019

TAKE IT FROM SOMEONE WHOS BEEN INVOLVED WITH MC FOR OVER 6 YEARS I have met a couple woman and they were legit and I had already knew them from mfc but that is it the rest of the models are pretty much bullcrap. The entire site is rigged period. The rankings of models and camscores are manipulated. Customer service is terrible.

The MFCShare is just as rigged rankings are a lie. Who ever is in charge of this site is not as smart as they think they are. They sleep with the ignorant girls who do anything for money, make them top model and promote them as the face of their site ruining there image. They have damaged the sites reputation..well said anon!.

At first..about 6 years ago it wasnt so bad but they got egos and money hungry and do not know how to manage. They are idiots. If they were a legit business they would be way more successful with a good reputation and not rig their site creating lies to make them look better. As a business owner myself that has supported the site for many years I finally stopped ... full of incompetent employees who know nothing about honest work and making honest money.

Stay away from ANY model with a high camscore its fake. They are either pimped out by an mfc employe or a good friend of mfc and scams go unpunished if they are connected to mfc they can pretty much be a b***h and get away with anything as long as they are giving up pus*ay. Dont waste your money here unless you know a model personally its all fake and rigged numbers. Especially the ones who do not show anything explicit. They are by far the most fake!

  • Mar 19, 2019

Kickaz model on mfc is a fraud.

What is the deal with mfc using crazy evil girls as their poster models...who else?..

Joined mfc 4 months ago and already regret buying tokens. This girl is a fraud and mfc is allowing it so I see..a complete biatch off cam. watch out guys!

The last time I visited her I sent a pm asking how much she charged and she flat out responded where are you at?.. I said that I meant how much you charge to strip your clothes off and immediately she banned me...This is an adult porn site why would I get banned for asking how much to strip your clothes off??? I had tipped her then politely 50 tokens just to ask her that and before that was several tips when she was on cam all together. Never chatted just watched and tipped.

I was visiting her room a few times a week. Thought she might be sincere at first but then I read all her posts and drama on her blog, realized I just wasted my tips on a nut job. At first she seemed somewhat normal but in my opinion one of the most twisted individuals on mfc so far. I should have read her lies and fake stories on the internet before I spent money on her.

If she spent the time it takes to post bullcrap on being honest on mfc...well . It was over 2000 tokens all together I spent. No business sense at all no class. no professionalism. Very ignorant girl who is full of herself dying for expensive attention for doing nothing but put up a front.

Im sure you will read this or one of your obsessive regular promoter does..

Take the tips I gave you and buy you some screws that wont come loose..your head is about to fall will need all the 100 dollars worth. Thanks for banning me I almost got sucked I feel stupid for thinking that she was respectable. Over it. Fraud room avoid guys!

  • Jun 6, 2018

RocknRose, her room, her personality is all a scam is all very superficial. This young girl has some serious mental problems also. Her and her crazy boyfriend are nuts. This girl and her boyfriend hit me up to go watch her room from another top model competitors room. I checked her out.. big mistake. Bought a video.Big mistake. Visited often, I tipped her few times then for her private twitter as advertised on her profile and never got it.Big mistake. I wrote in a tip note what I was requesting and was ignored. I tried to ask in open chat about the private twiiter request and my chat was erased from the room when she wasnt even by the computer? Following that her annoying boyfriend and a few others start tipping and changing the subject. I was ignored for no reason? Her number one fan is her boyfriend even though she says shes single. About a month after that I got hit up again from a different account by her to "come see her room instead of this ugly chick" and I had to ban her again with my new account which did me no good somehow she was getting around a ban? wtf I heard from a few other model competitors and members when I mentioned it in open chat that her and her boyfriend started alot of drama and they both go into all the other models rooms and try to get them to hers by sending pms to all the guys like me. They just banned them but it didnt seem to help for me. Warning:Rocknrose gos in a models room as a member and calls them names like some jealous hater telling us her room is better come see me instead. I had it happen and other guys have complained while we were in a room also. This happened after I blocked her and her nutty boyfriend does the same crazy crap. They still hit us guys up and have been blocked by many but they are still pulling these disruptions and getting away with it. I complained to mfc..I also confronted rocknrose about the twitter I never got asked for my money back. She could have easily refund me or her boyfriend through tokens but instead she scammed me and blew me off. Completely unproffessional. 100% scam. If I had known this is how she plays I would have never went to her room and supported her in any way. If it wasnt for my other member account I would have never got the crazy pms from her. What kind of shallow person ignores you after being polite and tipping them. What kind of person gos around the site calling other model names claiming her room is better. Very childish hateful games. Disrupting guys like me and others for their money and attention? This girl is probably the worst Iv seen so far but the best at hiding it. Shes a mentally unstable fake girl, big time scammer. I would stay away or complain to mfc if she scams you or bothers you in any way maybe if enough of us complain mfc will make her stop.They dont enforce the rules and they seem to cater to their models and not have any respect for the members and how they are treated. Very one sided. I never got my money back never got a thank you never got anything but drama since I discovered her room. Looks are deceiving. MFC doesnt seem to care how these girls are making their money. Beware.

  • Jul 6, 2018

You too?

The sweet act gets you. Then she gets your wallet. Who would actually be her boyfriend?

  • Feb 7, 2019

yea rocknrose is the #1 fake model for sure among many following

2 stars. some chicks are cool and genuine that have been their for a long time but most dont show up there anymore. This review is accurate looks like. mfc is promoting her? she must be a really easy piece of azzz. Rocknrose chick is the opposite as what she wants you to think..yea, that is true but most of the models are...not surprising..and you should spend your money on that?..not all are but most. Extremely self absorbed and a true witch to other models from what Iv encountered and a player to members.

Dont trust any of them that have promoters backing them it makes them that much more untrustworthy. Nothing they do is coming from a real honest place and they will say anything to get your money.They are a pathetic bunch and it says alot about what kind of people are in charge of mfc.

What ever happened to the quality and having an honest system? who ever sells the most pussy or model who has a boyfriend who works for mfc is all it takes to be the face of the site they pick the stupid ones that dont know any better. I think their is a new owner because the girls back then were actually pretty smart and real even the support was existent then. Now its just mostly full of lies and ignorant bitchyy girls. Not much going for them anymore.

  • May 2, 2018

Myfreecams will do anything for money and is NOT TO BE TRUSTED. They allow top models to hack in models and members accounts take your tokens or allow their mfc employees to invade your privacy and read your pms, and have access to all your personal information. As this happened to my roomate who used to model on mfc. They have no model or member support unless its a generic technical cam question. Models Stormy and MissMolly both screwed me out of a private show to diferent girls same SCAM I paid upfront for a scheduled private and was rejected the private after I had already paid for then was banned. Mfc did nothing gave me some generic response that they would look into it but never did a dang thing about it and I never got those tokens back. That was a year ago. I almost stopped buying tokens after that but It was addictive and I did not realize all these top models were doing the same scamming. I tried helping my roomate some and browsed alot and tipped alot of models throughout all of this crap. The only models I had problems with were the top rows.

My buddy visited ScarlettMiles regularly till one day he tipped her for 45 MIN SKYPE and never got skype show and she also never responded to him. He wasnt banned from her room and went back in her room one day to try to talk to her about the skype and she then banned him. SCAM

Nicole hitman also played the same scam and another guy I work with tipped her for a skype show and never got it after she talked to me like i was her boyfriend and was really nice then ignored me once she got me to pay for skype. She is hot and told me she meet in us but after gave her the tokens i got ignored just like the others. Another incident was more recently the last i was on the site I was getting to be a regular visitor in RocknRoses room but never tipped. My account was hacked and she somehow took my tokens out of my account and left a trail from pms and adverstising herself to a bunch of members in her room using my account and tipping herself with his account, it seemed she had someone else doing it for her my friend saw it happen. He had proof and other members seen where those tips came from and mfc NEVER RESPONDED ! HE HAD OVER 100 DOLLARS STOLEN FROM THIS LUBA MODEL AND THEY DID NOTHING ABOUT IT! They just tried to cover it up I wasnt banned but my buddy was for confronting the chat room about what happened.

After what they pulled with my buddies and I the scamming from their top models, stealing my money and no security I had to change my card and delete my account. They got all my information. After they compromised my friends account letting employees read her pms and have access to her account she also had to delete her account mfc said they would investigate the problem and never did and there wasnt anything she could do about it. We all got screwed in some way it seems to be the normal on the site and they just keep getting away with it. I never got any of my money back so I complained on TRUSTPILOT AS MY FRIEND DID AND BOTH OF OUR REVIEWS WERE DELETED! myfreecams pays trustpilot to delete any real bad reviews about them and they replace it with a fake good review to balance the rating out so MYFREECAMS PARTNERS WITH TRUSTPILOT. FAKE REVIEWS EVERYWHERE. Myfreecams should be looked into carefully members and models are being scammed and have no security and the way this site runs their business is illegal. AS I SPECIFIED BEFORE..NOT TO BE TRUSTED, Dont give them your credit card and surely I dont recommend signing up as cam model like my roomate did there is no privacy and they will screw you if you have money or paying customers.

  • Apr 13, 2018

Was an mfc member there til last month when I wrote an honest review saying the top model scammed me and mfc had my review deleted mfc can get your reviews deleted convenient. This site is very fake and tries very hard to hide their scams, the girls are big scammers too. Mfc allows this and will not give a customer as myself any support or human response if you have any issue or legit question. Out of all the tokens I gave to models only a few said thank you and did what they said on the topic the rest ignored me or in this case banned me for outing their little scam.

I got banned for asking in a room called rocknrose, Luba how these same members in her room were tipping so much all the time? and as soon as I said that my comment in chat was vanished and someone other than her banned me from the room. Im not a troll just noticed in several models rooms I was visiting and finally asked in hers. The tips were obviously fake..why would i spend money if my tips are invain and go unoticed so i stopped buying tokens after that and just browsed but I got pms from mfc employees after i had blocked pms from members! mfc employees and these models pimps were annoying me telling me to go to other models room they were always top models.

I emailed mfc about my pm being blocked and how to get these members stop pming me and they never responded or when they did they just say they need proof that it doesnt show up ect. I even tried sending them email several times. I also would get pms from random models as soon as I was logged on that iv never seen before it was really pestering i did block models after some time but they can get around a block too. Wasted my money big hyped up site the people working for them are running members like me away, not professional at all have poor security , very rude customer service and employees. Im not into giving my money to a business who are greedy liers who treat their customers like crap.

  • Mar 14, 2018

Just to be clear I have contacted myfreecams about this girl and how I was scammed but they did nothing said that tokens are a gift and that once you give your tokens to a model you cannot get a refund..ect.. and aparently was on her side regarding this issue.

First off Iv been a regular visitor in this girls room for over a year I originally was interested in watching Lucy_Goose and thats where I had a member hit me up to check out RocknRose so I did. In that time I visited her I have had 2 privates and bought some of her overatted videos! yes way over priced for a hyped up product.

Being an artist myself I play guitar so she attracted me with the videos but I first got her dancing video guitar video and strip tease bed video and got ripped off with them.. there was no real dancing pretending to be something your not is kinda obvious but it was more of a sexy teasing than anything she models guitars she cant play and that wasnt my impression when I got the video not real either so I was a little disappointed in the videos but I enjoyed her body and liked how she looked so it wasnt a big deal at the time. The sweet act is exactly that. When she first agreed to go private with me it was after I bought the videos and she said we should go private. She asked me for 800 tokens to go in. I did this because she agreed to do a sexy strip tease and then play do a bath show. When I got in there She zoomed up close and started fingering her a*s within a min. I asked her if she could chat with me first and start with a tease and she never responded so I gave it a few mins but she just was sitting there with her finger in her butt and wouldnt say anything so I stopped the private. I asked her what happened in the private and I got a pm back from her that said exactly this

" Please continue a private show with luba for a rockn time with dirty teasing and more!" (with an ad at the bottom for a video)

Thats all I got in response it was like someone else was writing it and wasnt awar of what was happeing. I dont think she wrote that. Was strange but I sent luba another pm shortly after and she said there must have been a mistake and said she would take me again to do strip tease bath show. So I beleived her and the next time I visitied I asked her if we could do the private when she was ready that night and she said ok. So I waited in her room and started chatting with the rest of her regulars but I never got agknowledged by her and or welcomed anymore. I figured she was busy but I asked her if she would like to do a public dance show and she finally answered me and said when her countdown was clear she do dance with ballet and sexy teasing she said.. I tipped her a little during the show trying to get her attention but her regulars that are aways in there kept chatting over me and if you ask me is odd because they were always in her room when im there and its like a little click of the 5 of them chatting to each other and I couldnt really understand what was going on with the conversation. When she did the dance it lasted like 5 minutes and all she did was walk back and forth and bend over a few times and took her panty off. I asked her politley if she could show us some dance moves and she never responded.. ok... I thought she was going to dance but she never did just like the video and all the times I joined her room she never did dance. Why tell someone your going to do something then not do it just be yourself.I did not understand this logic. I know shes just pretending to be a dancer/guitar player/sweet innocent girl at this point but she could have at least a real honest show withought the hype.Now that Im not a fan I can see this more clearly.

I asked her also in pm if she was ready for another private and she said after her next countdown so I came back to her room about an hour later and it looked like she got it clear so I asked her again she said she would like to take me and we started for 400 tokens. ok give her the benefit of the doubt..heck iv aslready invested my time and tokens to her so I kept trying..

We chatted some and out of no where she propositioned me to meet after a skype show for 2000 tokens.?? 2000? I didnt even finish with my private and I just wanted to relax and enjoy the show. I had already spent about 4,900 tokens on her and was always polite and gave her respect. I just wanted a good private show of her dancing and teasing but she just started chatting saying after the private we should connect via mail and have some fun.. kinda pushy. After a short strip tease and chatting I stopped the private because I ran out of tokens and she went off on me for no reason! saying why did you cut me off? I thought we were going skype? she said you must have more tokens for a fun time with me you can buy another video and then skype with me"

What?? it was like she saw I had money and took advantage of me...I was ripped off and scammed big time. She must have had someone behind the scenes doing some of the chatting and it was very odd and disconnected. The things she said was rude if it was even her and unprofessional which is the opposite of how she acted in public. She is a very fake lady and I was very surprised at how she handled the private shows I thought the first time was a misunderstanding but she clearly was scamming me. I was not interested in meeting I dont do prostitutes and I just enjoy watching sexy woman but she obviously is doing something sketchy because she hit me up and assumed because I had money to spend on mfc that I wanted more. After that private I was really turned off and I havnt been back in her room since. And now that I look back I was an idiot to not see the scam I never got attention unless I tipped her she would say thanku like 5 times so fake sounding. I thought she was a classy girl but she is not what she seems at all. Its a shame because mfc allows girls or maybe its just her to treat members this way. I feel like I was completely taken advantage of withno appreciation for the amount of tokens I gave this girl just because I thought she was attractive and good at what she does but I learned the hard way.. just because they seem classy sweet or top knotch doesnt mean its true.. being on top of this myfreecams site must mean they are the girl who can play men the best. Be the fakest and do the most for money completely out of line! This Luba chick is definetly deceiving its all hype I was scammed by her and who ever is promoting her and theres notihing mfc can do about it. Because of this situation I had I closed my account I dont spend money on mfc anymore I just watch as free member that way nobody can scam me and theres no drama!

When I contacted mfc about the privates and meeting I couldnt prove it. I only had private conversations with her so I couldnt send mfc proof because all my messages were deleted!! I never deleted any of my pms so when I told them they said to send proof of pms and conversations to investigate this matter. It was like they never existed and mfc was in on it I am apolled that a place this known is doing these scams and getting away with it.Fake scam..scams and prostitutes. Site should be shut down! wont be back with my 100s of dollars and anyone who has money on mfc BEWARE!!

  • Mar 6, 2018

This model is one of the worst SCAMMERS ..Her latest is asking guys for money for school tuition and books than goes and gets a BOOB job. She don't even go to school...Thats a big lie. She is also not from Senegal...She is from Romania. Be careful guys.

  • Dec 27, 2017

[Sarah] AKA EgyptBeauty After Registering For An Account on Her Personal Web Site She Then Demanded Forcefully That I Upgrade To A Premium Account. I Also Registered To Become a Member of Her Personal Web Site Through The Regular Mail Which Required Me To Give My Name and Address And She Never Sent the Info to Me. Plainly This Is A Scam Demanding You Pay $26.00 Dollars Beforehand Without Any Other Options.

  • Oct 28, 2017

MODELS AND MEMBERS: As being on both ends as a former mfc cam model of 5 years and also a paying member and friends supporting me on mfc Iv seen plenty and been ripped off on both accounts.

The information I am reporting is 100% truth and facts. Without getting into details as to how I know these things I dont need to explain mfc knows what they are doing, most of mfc followers who have half a brain know what Im talking about and Im not referring to the girls that work on this site because they are not the sharpest tools in the shed.

Most importantly myfreecams is using their site as a form of PROSTITUTION. They have used a slick way of not getting caught by using the online token pay system. If you even just browse most top models that are working directly for mfc they allow skype,giving out phone numbers and meet up dates. Customers love this but dont realize the trail they leave by exposing their identity They charge x amount of money for those things. As a cam model, strictly cam model the number 1 rule is dont give out personal imformation and when this activity happens there is an obvious reason. That is prostitution. Many of these models get paid through mfc and meet up with mfc customers. Many of the tips in these top model rooms are fake by mfc to make this look legit. The camscore system is completely FAKE and these girls are getting paid other ways. This business preys on naive ignorant girls giving them so called a glamorous wild lifestyle for a very high price. Their safety and life long reputation. MyFreeCams DISTRIBUTES every models live broadcast on other websites to sell without the models permission or knowledge. They will claim to have the rights of anything you display on their site. This means even if models geoblock locations anything distributed on those others sites are not blocked and will be spread on the internet.

COPYRIGHT MUSIC: Illegally mfc allows copyright protected music to be sold and distributed through model videos all over the internet. Making fake unregistered productions and using copyright music. You ARE allowed to play copyright music as a cam model for free but you are not legally allowed to copy these videos and sell them with copyright music in them. That is really illegal. Even other cam sites dont allow copyright music being sold in videos. Not ure how they havnt been caught but its very illegal.

As a member on mfc countless times I have seen members that were in my own chat room were the same members advertising for the top models copying ideas and wording and pretty much my entire profile. MFC also allows their models to HACK into other models chat room such as mine to take any paying customers and direct them into the rooms they want. The legit model gets booted of cam randomly and never suspects a thing. Only the members see another model has taken over her chat room with her own topic. This is just one of many cut throat tricks mfc uses to get all the paying customers to their top models because doing this in return mfc will make more money. If you are camming on mfc you will have all your good paying customers taken and any good idea or stradegy stolen for the top models. Its all cut throat, TOP MODELS are not the ones with the originality everything you see them do was from models like myself and customers. This isnt illegal however it is completely 1 sided and misleading. Their isnt any real work involved as naive customers support these top models thinking they somehow deserve to be supported for being a SCAM ARTISTS .

My point on this subject is that these legit customers are supporting some of the very models who are deceiving them and playing them like a fool. MFC is actually the most deceiving of them all because it will appear to be the opposite of what it really is. MFC only wants their own models to get paying members and mfc also doesnt care whos room they are disrupting and ruining for their own greedy ways. There is nothing fair about how mfc runs their website for both sides. IT MAY BE LEGAL BUT THIS HAS TURNED OFF MANY MODELS AND MEMEBRS TO THE SITE.

MORE MFC TRICKS AND SCAMS. Mfc has member accounts who go to models rooms like mine then they will pm other legit members in the room saying to check out this other model she has better videos, shes does more ec. These members can not be banned because they are infact mfc. If a model tries to ban one of these employees ithe account doesnt exist. THIS DIDNT JUST HAPPEN TO ME THEY DO IT TO ALL THE MODELS. The bad thing about what they do is it gos unoticed because unless you have a friend or boyfriend on the other side seeing all this a model will never realize whats happening especially if she is new to the site and not well educated. If she suddenly looses a bunch of traffic after a specifc member arrives or she has several unexplainable dead cam days. Or regulars she used to have no longer stop by or 1 customer has several accounts they use to pretend they are different people and dominate the room..guess what that member ran away all your customers and also gets all your hard work thrown out the window. This is a very common thing and most models dont even suspect anything. Many of mfc employees have made thier way to my room and all play the same game. It keeps the top models receiving all the customers and thats what they want. What else can you expect when a bunch of sleezy men and woman are behind a dishonest business.

SAFETY AND SECURITY: Anothe huge problem with mfc is their security. I think most people know this. As a model and a member My account has been hacked. My memebr account was hacked by a model and I use the best passwords you can with the limits you have. I had a model leave her trail she wasnt very smart and got caught but mfc didnt do anything and she happened to be a top model. I had my tokens stolen and she had deleted all the models on my friends list and used my account to communicate with them threatening them trying to make them quit. I had to CHANGE MY CREDIT CARD NUMBER because they kept charging me after I contacted mfc about a model hacking into my account theycanceled my member account for no reason when al I did was mind my own business and follow rules. So I never got reimbursed the money that was stolen and I had to change my bank card.

LACK OF SECURITY FOR MODELS: As I mentioned before my model account was hacked and I was booted out of my own chat rom. MFC DOES THIS SO YOU CANT CONFRONT THEM ABOUT THESE ISSUES BECAUSE THEY WILL NOT HELP. They will deny it and always say its not proof or give you a genreic answer. SUPPORT DOESNT EXIST. Security is horrible. aNY CUSTOMER AND MFC CAN GET INTO YOUR ACCOUNT AND GET YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION EASY. Mfc doesnt allow stron passwords such as spaces, symbols or unlimited codes. A member already knows the user name and all they need is a cracking code system to get into an account. IF A WEBSITE DOESNT ALLOW SECURE PASSWORD OPTIONS THAT IS A HUGE RED FLAG. I did not realize the severity of the hacking problems until my last months now that there is more and more ways to get around blocked access on the internet. The security was the last straw for me I already did not like being involved with a business who had no respect or common courtisy. Mfc has access to any account as they should but how they use the authority is what is wrong.

PHOTOS,VIDEOS AND PEROSNAL INFO: Anything you have in your account it looked at by mfc and verified. With that said it is also in the hands of a shady business. If a site has your info displayed on any page in your account that is a risk. The security with your info should be locked and only available through mfc proof instead it is displayed on your account which is a big no no. If you are a model and have photos and videos mfc will steal them as well. They are distributed on other mfc sites and sold to 3rd party sites. Nothing is safe on the internet but on mfc its very risky. As I mentioned before if you have geo block you only have it for your profile and live broadcast nothing else. Once your material is on the internet it is their forever no matter what you think you can delete its there.

So many models are eager for attention and money and dont think ahead and put their safety at a very high risk and mfc doesnt give a hoot about it. All they care about is themselves and money so do you really want to work for a business that degrades you in this way?DO YOU WANTTO BE INVOLVED WITH A BUSINESS WHO IS CONTRIBUTING TO ILLEGAL ACTIVITIES AND ATTRACTS THE WRONG KIND OF CUSTOMERS? Is it fair that most models only get 50% of tips and top models get paid a bigger cut and dont even work for it? no its a poor way to hold business. So many members have been SCAMMED by models and ripped off.This is the nature of a gold digger w***e not to be harsh but it is what they are MOST of them are. This is what mfc allows to represent their site. Many customers love this because they want to hook up and many do and some get scammed, set up or played. These tyes of people do anything for money, lie cheat steal deceive and cause disruption out of jelousy and competition and attention. Too many customers think these girls are genuinely nice and dont realize its an act they dont see that they are only nice to get your money..period. So if your illegally using mfc for prostitution hooking up with models or even just have innocent intentions as a customer you get screwed any way. YOur security is as risk and you wont be getting a fair cut if you work for them. Members should know that half of their money is going to mfc and not the model. which is why most customers dont spend 1000's of tokens most these fake accounts do fake tipping to get real customers to do it they just start a FEEDING FRENZY.

Between the illegal activity, lack of security, unfair pay, fake tipping and traffic, fake room counts, cut throat actions with models and mfc, hacking, no support. This business needs a new owner new models new stradegy new mentality and a clean sweep. If it continues to go down hill as I have witnessed in the last 5 years it will continue to loose quality smart model and well paying members who dont fall for their shcemes. ILLEGAL AND SCAM IS MYFREECAMS



  • Oct 6, 2017

Aria Nina (Not her real Name) who has the same name on Myfreecams and Youtube. Do not tip for any raffles that she runs or any dates that she offers. Every Raffle that she has either does not get drawn or if it is there is always an "event" that happens so she will be unable to attend. All she is concerned about is money and that is all you are to her.

She will try to lure you in saying things like "(((REDACTED (violates TOS)" and "if you fly me out i will f*** you". There will always be some form of a promise of sex. She will say that she loves you and would like a relationship with you

If you are one of the rare people who will actuallty able to go on a paid date with her that she will tell you she will pay for. She will show up with her mother and rack up a huge bill of $500 + and stick you with it. She will the next day ask to go shopping with you and try and have you buy over $1000 worth of makeup products for her.

If you ask any questions or concens about this she will immediatly go on attack saying you ghosted or stalked her, threatened to commit suicide if she doesn't agree to be with you and will block you from any further communication so she can proceed to talk s*** about you behind your back. She does this for sympathy to get people to give her more money. She will maniplulate everything so she looks like the victim for money. She has admited to do this to many of her close friends

Personal Messages with her will include her talking behind a bunch of other models and members backs (Even ones she has never met) what she will fabricate to make them look bad. Everything she says is a lie ie. she said she was arrested and handcuffed then the next day claim she never has been handcuffed.

She will message other models top tippers to try and lure them into the same trap.

Do not trust her and anything she says, Do not give her money

  • Oct 6, 2017

So i have been in Nina cam room on several occasions.. I let it pass that she has a birthday every 3 months. Also, i tried to ignore her saying bad things about other tippers when they were not in the room.

The final straw for me is that she had another model cam with her last month. She told all her regulars to tip her the day before the other model came on so she would not have to share tips with her.... I have to call this as bogus.... All models stay away from her. She will try and cheat you at ever step.

  • May 22, 2017

This young savage is a model on ( and she is a tried & true scammer.

First I won a date raffle with her which is when a model sells raffle tickets for the chance of a fan to meet them. When I won, I flew out to Los Angeles to meet her. When I got there, we went to dinner and when we were finished with dinner she went to the bathroom while I was paying the check, and she never returned.

I was wondering if something went wrong, and she had mentioned that her father just passed away, like right at that moment and so she just left. I was so worried and concerned that I went out of my way to make it known that if she or her family needed anything that she can just reach out to me and I will gladly pay any bills that may arise with everything, like funeral costs and things of that nature.

I was in town for 3 days so as my first night, I was really super worried about her and her families well being.

She logged onto cam the same night, and acted as if nothing happened. I was sitting in her chatroom and she was ignoring my private messages the entire night. I tipped her 11,111 tokens and she banned me. I was floored. She texted me and said "Lets meet up tonigt" later that night after 3 hours of me being banned... I said why did you ban me? Her letters were jumbled in her messages so she was obviously drunk.

I said fine, let's meet up. She then proceeded to tell me to tip her another 55,000 tokens and she would wear something sexy that I bought her off her Amazon wishlist. So I did.

Then, when we met up at my hotel, she was visibly wasted out of her mind, so I ordered room service for us and was so worried about her. She didn't seem bothered at all of the recent death of her father, so she told me to logon and buy another 46,250 tokens on my other premium account on MyFreeCams... I was like "Stormy, why? I will just give you the cash baby" she said "f**k you, pay me" ... I didn't know if she was joking or not, but I did it.

After that i was just very bothered, I wasn't even having intercourse with her. Then she came out of my hotel bathroom naked and pulled my pants down and proceeded to give me oral... after a bit she asked if I wanted to go inside of her, to which I said "hell yes, but I don't have any condoms" ... she said it's ok, I know your clean. At this point I was concerned as to what was going on, but said hell I only have one life to live and we engaged in unprotected intercourse for about 30 minutes.

Long story short after that she just up and left, and I was like what is going on? I had just given her thousands of dollars, and felt like I was hanging out with a prostitute which isn't my style.

In final, just stay clear of this girl because her promises and lies are heartbreaking to not only me but any sensible human being. DO NOT TIP HER OR ENGAGE IN CONVERSATION, SHE IS VERY DECEPTIVE AND WILL LIE HER WAY TO YOUR HEART!!!

@Stormy_NSFW , @KatTheCamGirl , @Khat1337 , @PumpkinSpiceMFC , Morgan Hoffman are all her aliases, so be careful and STAY OUT OF HER ChATROOM ON MYFREECAMS !!!

Don't buy her ManyVids content either, she will say you stole it and push you to the curb!!!

  • Oct 21, 2015

On Septmeber 10th 2015 while sitting in the room of model Egyptbeauty, a picture and link for a facebook account was passed in the chatroom. Without me knowing what was happening the link was sent to me in a private msg. While model Egyptbeauty showed the picture of AdminLeo and AdminKate many times live to her room.

The next morning I tried to log into my account only to find it was banned. I e-mailed MFC MULTIPLE times without word or reason as to why I was banned. It is now Oct 20th and still no word or able to access my account.

I had found out many paying members where banned that same night without reason. Yet Egyptbeauty still continues to cam daily? I'm totally disgusted with MFC and how they steal your money the ban your account.

I have always followed the rules of a paying member and yet I'm still banned? This is unfair! Something must be done about MyFreeCams! I did some further research online and seen this is a common issue.

Banning members and no e-mails.

How it is my fault someone sent me the link to AdminKate's facebook which was PUBLIC as where her pictures!

How is this the fault of many paying members whom lost accounts? MUST be told to return these accounts ASAP,hold Egyptbeauty to the rules or be sued!

They are basically stealing money from people.

Egyptbeauty knowingly broke rules many times and yet still able to cam?

MFC must be told to reply!

If you do make a account with MFC be sure you stay basic better then being ripped off and scammed!

  • Oct 12, 2015

About stay away from this site this site is a scam site they will sucker you to spend lots of money on there models and models lie I will give you this and they dont I was banned from this site for harassment of a model she lied and told them that anything to get me off site just dont let it happen to you stay away

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