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MSI Canada

Country Canada
City Markham, Ontario
Address 371 Alden Rd
Phone 1-888-447-6564

MSI Canada Reviews

  • Jan 30, 2020

A sale for an amount of $280 was done through Federated payments credit card processing machine on september 3, 2012 and never got deposited to my account. We found the error on sep 18, 2012 as this is a very small business. Since then i have been following up with different level of MSI canada's customer service team by phone and by email with proof of sales / bank statements etc but the company officials are not accepting their mistake or resolving my issue.

  • Jan 30, 2020

When I was first contacted by this company, a salesman named Jeff Swartman, who is no longer with the company came by and told me all the benefits of dealing with the company, how much less I would be paying with MSI and that at the end of 6o months I would own my machine and not be paying as I had to the bank. All seemed well and good , though I noticed that the charges did not seem to be in line with the promised rates. I asked Jeff about this and he got back to me and looked into it and said I would get there "Best rates" starting next month. Well to say the least I took him at his word and figured it had happened, though the monthly settlement reports were nearly impossible to understand; they actually came from Global Payments, not MSI. At the beginning of the year I had a problem with the new CIBC card, which is both Visa and debit not working on the machine. I asked MSI, but basically they kept giving excuses saying the paper work I sent in was not there and that they could not update my machine. Well 4 months later I was contacted by another POS provider who offered to analyze my settlement reports. It was only then I found out that not only was I not getting the rates I had been promised as The best rate, I was being charged more than originally quoted and because I was MSI and Global was paying each of them monthly processing and a bunch of "push" fees as well. Strangely had they simply updated the machine like I asked in January i would have been none the wiser and still be with them and paying all the extra unmentioned charges. I guess with them it is a case of buyer beware. I have asked them to take back their machine and even though I will have to pay a fee for early termination, it is better than dealing with a company I cannot trust!

  • Jan 30, 2020

MSI Canada, AKA Merchant Services Inc Canada, AKA Federated Payments Canada Corp. All have the same registered published address located at A301 1 St. Paul Street St. Catherines, ON. This address does not exist nor is this company operating in Canada legally. They have 'managers' based out of New York who hire, manage and control employees in Canada.

They are members of the BBB and remain in good standing by coercing complainants by hiring a lawyer based out of Montreal who sends a demand letter trying to extort $50,000 in my case. The BBB will NOT investigate complaints involving legal matters so the lawyer is a clever way of eliminating any black marks on the BBB file, thus retaining their standing.

To date, I am owed $11,651 by this company for outstanding commissions and wages. I have already filed with the Employment Standards Branch to receive my overdue compensation from December 2009! The law in Canada is that ALL commissioned employees and or contractors must be paid at least minimum wage if commissions do not reach this amount. This is the LAW!

Plus, this company has fraudulently changed the terms and conditions of every contract that I signed up with my customers for MSI (totalling 26). As incentives I offered each customer a certificate or coupon that had a signficant value to sign up with me. I would release these coupons which cost me money when I received commissions from MSI. I never released the coupons because I never received any commissions from December 1. I clearly wrote on the terms of the contract on the first page the value and quantity of said coupons. My customers received copies of contracts with these removed. I have the original copies as evidence.

Beware of signing up with MSI and working for them as a company. If you did work or currently do work for them, be advised that by LAW you must get at least minimum wage if you do not sell anything or up to this amount. If you have a claim, just Google Employment Standards Canada and file a complaint.

If you have been a victim as a customer email the BBB corporate office.


  • Jan 13, 2020

I'd be careful before getting into to anything. I actually work for their biggest competitor, direct for the bank and through my employer, I found out some disturbing things, namely:

1. MSI, Merchant Services Inc all don't exist as companies anywhere in Canada. My employer has me working with their legal department to investigate this matter and void each of the contracts I signed and sign up with Moneris. This will be executed Nation Wide. MSI et al changed the contract terms for each and every one of my customers, numbering over 25 for a breach of contract in the millions of dollars.

2. MSI or Federated Payments is what they are calling themselves, failed to pay me and we are in adjudication with the Province of BC to get my owing commissions of over $11,000. They tried to dupe me and the province by trying to state that they signed a contract with my company, but issued me a T4A (Employee Statement of Self Employed Earnings). Oops! By BC Law, all self employed contractors are entitled to at least minimum wage if commissions are not sufficient to cover minimum wage levels. Plus, employers are required to pay vacation pay, termination pay and for stat holidays. The Strangest thing is that I signed my contract with MSI or Merchant Services Inc but my T4A came from Federated Payments. I don't think these guys really know what they are doing, just expoited our country and our people.

3. Failure to register a legal company within each province is illegal and having contracts signed with a false name is illegal as well. I actually spoke to the Vancouver Police fraud detective who is compiling evidence from me and Afftidavits from each of my customers to substantial criminal charges with the Crown Prosecutor. The owner won't be able to hide in the States if there is a criminal charge laid.

4. I will be filing a Wrongful dismissal, fraud, breach of contract statement of claim in Supreme Court here in BC and already filed in Ontario. In BC, I retained a lawyer who seems to think I have a solid case and is working on contingency for me.

5. I have complied a list of ALL employees in Canada of MSI which I have forwarded to the competition bureau and Employment Standards for further investigation. I am confident that presenting my evidence including signed contracts, Schedules, afftidavits from customers I will win my case both with Employment Standards and in Supreme Court of BC.

6. I've gone to so many sources including the CRA to investigate tax fraud, the competition bureau, industry canada, the Police, and most importantly the courts which should leave a public record of events which can be used as press releases in the future for all aliases in Canada and the US. I am also in the process of trying to get a fraud alert issued for employees, customers and businesses who can be affected by this company.

As you know, in this technology age, it is easy to go after a company from a multitude of angles. I will stop when they pay me what they owe me, plus damages and wrongful dismisall and contract breaches for my customers and myself. Ironically, I was on pace to make over $150K with them but now I will make even more working for a reputable company and directly for the bank.

Unfortunately, they found the wrong person to screw in me. I will fight this to the end and won't stop until justice is served. The longer this takes, the more damage inflicted to their reputation. Yes, I think all of my interviews are completed and my lawyer has a few thousand pages to sift through, thank goodness he is working on contingency and he will work with each of the parties involved to formulate a proper legal strategy in BC going forward. I'll keep the blog posted when I have time. I'm swamped working and signing deals (I actually average about 7 - 10 deals a week) so I have to do the litigation work in between.

But, mark my words, I will NEVER stop until Justice is served.

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