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Mr C's Towing

Country United States
State California
City Los Alamitos
Address 10821 Bloomfield St # C
Phone 562-594-9521

Mr C's Towing Reviews

  • Dec 27, 2020

I park my car where I have parked before and others too. It was by condos and they say now business park only but yet the store was closed and I was By condos not store. My dad parked his work truck there for years. If I had known they change? I can't afford this payment. Please help me? There was no parking anywhere too. It was a holiday weekend!

  • Dec 5, 2019

Please be advised that Mr. C’s Towing owes me the sum of $398.00 because pursuant to California Law AB 2210, Clearly Posted Warning requirement, A tower must have written consent from the property owner or his agent, who must have waited one hour before calling for the tow.

Also, a sign not less than 17 inches by 22 inches in size should be displayed in plain view at all entrances to the property. It should prohibit public parking and indicate that vehicles will be removed at the owner’s expense, and post the telephone number of the local traffic law enforcement agency and the name and telephone number of each towing company that is a party to a written general towing authorization agreement with the property owner.

On December 5th, 2019, Mr. C’s towing towed my vehicle, 2003 Silver Honda Civic LIC # 5CQF495, VIN # 2HGES26773H580641, from a spot in the alley way behind my residence at 3778 Green Ave, Los Alamitos, CA 90720 at 2250 hrs.

The spot had no clearly posted warning, and did not tell me who to call. I was exhausted after having returned from a training flight to Paso Robles with my national guard helicopter unit. I assumed my vehicle had been stolen. I called the Los Alamitos police department who informed it had been towed by Mr. C’s towing.

I paid Mr. C’s $398 at 2335 hrs (less than 45 minutes after initial hook up per their receipt for charges) to recover my vehicle which still had my aviation life support equipment and flight gear (government property) in the trunk which is worth as much as the car itself. I needed to get the gear back for another follow mission the next day.

  • Feb 27, 2017

Towing company is at 15 miles from where the vehicle was towed, it cannot exceed a 10 mile radius from where tow occured. Mr. C's does not have the towing fees labeled outside with the fees for the city of Gardena, possible misdemeanor and or fine of $2,500. There's also no public phone on site. The area in which the vehicle was illegally towed from displays no parking signs, see attached photos for evidence. The vehicle was not obstructing an entrance, nor parked in a handicapped parking space, nor was the space labeled in red.

In accordance with California Civil Code Section 1748.1(a), City of L.A. Release fee:$115.00 for each vehicle released. I paid $133.00. My MONTH TO MONTH RENTAL AGREEMENT shows the assigned parking spot to match the parking permit which was help on rear view mirror. Management failed to comply with the California law to give me a fair 96 hour notice of possible tow if not properly moved to a lawful location. Which the parking permit and parking spot match to what my MONTH TO MONTH RENTAL AGREEMENT STATES. Omar at Mr. C's Towing did not allow me to gain access to my personal belongings, until I borrowed money.

They also made me sign a receipt which I retract from stating I received the vehicle in satisfactory condition. My car was not released until I signed the document. When i received the vehicle, it had damage done to the side mirrors BOTH! The front right side tire and rim where damaged. Other damages pending with auto insurance claim. The vehicle was a brand new out of the dealer WHITE NISSAN SENTRA SV 2016. It has now depreciated and seeking compensation for it.

My response to MR. C'S TOWING, Pursuant to VEHICLE CODE - VEH. DIVISION 11. RULES OF THE ROAD 21000 - 23336 ( Division 11 enacted by Stats. 1959, Ch. 3. ) CHAPTER 10. Removal of Parked and Abandoned Vehicles 22650 - 22856 ( Chapter 10 enacted by Stats. 1959, Ch. 3. )

Mr. C's Towing in 4421 Mason Street, South Gate, CA 90280 towed my vehicle REP. # Parker. Commited several infractions based on VEHICLE CODE - VEH. DIVISION 11. RULES OF THE ROAD 21000 - 23336 ( Division 11 enacted by Stats. 1959, Ch. 3. ) CHAPTER 10. Removal of Parked and Abandoned Vehicles 22650 - 22856 ( Chapter 10 enacted by Stats. 1959, Ch. 3. ) .

I was not allowed to gather my personal belongings from vehicle until total TOWING FEE, LABOR FEE, STORAGE FEE, and GATE FEE where paid in full, there was a witness of this event. ARTICLE 1. Authority to Remove Vehicles code 22658. ARTICLE 1. Subdivision (d). The owner of a vehicle removed from private property pursuant to subdivision (a) may recover for any damage to the vehicle resulting from any intentional or negligent act of a person causing the removal of, or removing, the vehicle. Section (I) subdivision (1) (l) is not responsible in a situation relating to the validity of the removal. A towing company that removes the vehicle under this section shall be responsible for the following: (1) Damage to the vehicle in the transit and subsequent storage of the vehicle. Vehicle was received in unsatisfactory damaged condition, with a damage done to front right side tire and rim cap; two side mirrors were damaged. Estimated total cost for repairs are for a grand total of $185.15, appraisal received by INFINITY INSURANCE COMPANY, Estimate receipt available as proof.

Paragraph (j) (1) A person who charges a vehicle owner a towing, service, or storage charge at an excessive rate, as described in subdivision (h) or (i), is civilly liable to the vehicle owner for four times the amount charged. (2) A person who knowingly charges a vehicle owner a towing, service, or storage charge at an excessive rate, as described in subdivision (h) or (i), or who fails to make available his or her rate as required in subparagraph (B) of paragraph (1) of subdivision (i), is guilty of a misdemeanor, punishable by a fine of not more than two thousand five hundred dollars ($2,500), or by imprisonment in a county jail for not more than three months, or by both that fine and imprisonment. In January 1st 2017, the OPG towing and storage rates were increased. In accordance with California Civil Code Section 1748.1(a). The City of L.A. Release fee: $115.00 for each vehicle released. I was charged an aggressive amount of one hundred thirty three dollars ($133.00). Towing rates from where the Vehicle was originally towed from was not made publicly at Mr. C's Towing Property photograph evidence is available.

Paragraph (n) A vehicle removed from private property pursuant to this section shall be stored in a facility that meets all of the following requirements: Subdivision (1) (A) Is located within a 10-mile radius of the property from where the vehicle was removed. My vehicle was towed to a facility 15 miles away from where the vehicle was originally towed, from city of GARDENA, CA to city of SOUTH GATE, CA proof available.

(Amended (as amended by Stats. 2012, Ch. 181, Sec. 83) by Stats. 2013, Ch. 605, Sec. 52. Effective January 1, 2014.)

I'm seeking the repair of my vehicle for the grand total of one hundred eighty five dollars ($185.00). I'm also seeking FOUR TIMES the amount I was charged, I was billed at MR. C'S TOWING a total of Three hundred dollars ($300) Receipt proof available. Four times the amount I was billed at MR. C'S TOWING sums up to a total of One Thousand Two Hundred dollars ($1,200). I will not attempt to go to MR. C'S TOWING, OMAR at MR. C'S TOWING denied helping me out in any way. He hid and did not want to be responsible for damages; he hid and did not respond to our complaint on January 21st 2017 at around 12:30 PM.

  • Nov 28, 2015

I am still having problems with German roaches after you sprayed. I have killed roaches on my Thanksgiving Holiday.

Also you have Towed my vehicle on the property 13708 Cordary Apt Space#Hawthorne Ca 90250 Thursday 11/26/15 at 5am. I had my pink temporary sign visual. Mr. C Towing in Southgate CA ticket No. 74424. Vin# 4430 towed my brand new 2015 Chevy Camaro and damaged it as well.

The damages are in the front under the car. I had to pay $260 under for them to release my car

Gabby spoke to me several times since I purchase the new vehicle and say that the roof of my parking space #15 was damaging my car by dripping water and ceiling paint down from ceiling to the top of my vehicle. Gabby told me that she was going to move my parking space. She had never got back with me on this matter. And than this happens to me on Thanksgiving day. What I had a horrible holiday. My kids were stressed out and there holiday was ruined.

I am in the process of moving due to roach infestation and I can't sleep neighbors brought a gun in building. Neighbors smoking weed by my window next to where I sleep. Spoke with Gabby about incident Last week.

Every time mentioning complaints there is no resolution.

I get a call from Real Estate Connection company stating if I don't vacate at the end of the month, legal action will occur.

I moved in 2 months ago and had a roach infestation and still dealing with same issue after that.

I want you to pay back for all inconviences that you have caused me. My towing, my new car damages.

Time spent and wasted on health and safety with roach infestation.

  • Nov 27, 2015

My car was towed from the fresh and easy parking lot on 7th street and Nebraska illegally because there was no legal documentation called a 180 filled out and they damaged my car doing so and then charged me over $300 to get my car back including to storage and a gate fee which was in the middle of the day on Thursday Thanksgiving Day because it was a holiday. Then laughed at me when I want to report damage to a car and were very rude I called Los Alamitos police department and try to make a report but they refused.

  • Jul 30, 2015

We did everything they asked, ie :faxing my ID to prove the car was his/ours, authorizing him to pick up the car! They knew he was a young man and tried to take advantage of him! I had to send my grown 6'6" 280lb son that lives in LA down there to speak for hi because they wouldn't even talk to him like he was a man!!! They knew I was far away and couldn't get to my youngest son!! They gave him the run around, said the fax machine was in use because the credit card machine was in use, etc, etc, all while adding up the charges in order to collect more money from him after hour!!!! Dirty!!!! I telephoned the Police and asked them to get involved!

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