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Moving APT, Inc.

Country United States
State Alabama
City Miami
Address 936 SW 1st Ave.Suite 130
Phone 800-360-0037

Moving APT, Inc. Reviews

  • Feb 5, 2018

1) They told me they were going to overestimate my shipment weight during the booking process to ensure that there was enough space on the truck, but assured me that I would only pay for the actual weight of my shipment. The truck was not weighed before and after loading as was promised. I contacted MovingAPT and was assured repeatedly that this would be done before and after unloading. When they showed up to unload, they had no weight, and MovingAPT refused to honor their agreement, telling me if I really wanted a weight, they would put my stuff back in storage for weeks to months until they had time, and that they would charge me more. In the end, I paid for their purposefully overestimated weight, not what i actually shipped.

2) They are impossible to reach. Their booking number for new customers goes straight to a person, but if you try to reach customer service, it takes many messages, and sometimes weeks, to get a call back.

3) They book me with a carrier (Sammy Services) who is irresponsible and exercised no care for my belongings. Over 20 of 50 boxes were missing, furniture arrived unwrapped and heavily damaged, and boxes were crushed and torn open showing extreme negligence. The delivery also took 7 weeks because the carrier "could not find a truck." When informed of all of this, MovingAPT had no problem with it and informed me that they would continue to use this carrier for future customers.

Also, I recently discovered that they contract with, which I was led to believe was a review site like this one, but actually is a service that "suppresses negative search results". So there are probably many more negative reviews out there than you can find. Ask yourself why a decent company would need this service.

  • Jun 14, 2017

Customer Service Agent Patrick, Called me and sent a moving quote today from Texas to Florida. I reviewed the quote and verbally agreed to it. He asked for a credit card to secure the truck and moving window of dates. I paid the $525.22 deposit with my American Express card on the phone. Then he put me on hold and told me the price had changed and gave me a higher quote. (Almost double!) The EZ Moving company has just committed a fraud "bait and switch" tactic, which is unethical business practice. I am reporting to this incident to the Better Business Bureau and America Express and will post this fraud on social media to alert other consumers of their scam. I'm appalled and dissatisfied. What they need to do is honor the quote he quoted me on the phone, then sent me in writing via e-mail, verbally agreed to prior to taking the credit card deposit payment. There has to be laws against these practices! Let's enforce them!

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