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Mobile Mechanics of Orlando / Nitro Automotive Care LLC

Country United States
State Florida
City Orlando
Address 13249 Early Frost Cir
Phone 321-297-5392

Mobile Mechanics of Orlando / Nitro Automotive Care LLC Reviews

  • Nov 11, 2018


My car broke down a few days before 08/30/2018, It couldn't turn on due a battery and alternator problem, someone referred me this mechanic, I contacted them and they were in front of my house the next day to fix my car, they did know what happened to car, they "fix it", charged me $620 (parts and labor) and that was it, problem solved, however, after a few days, the car started to have the same problems again.

After calling them, the owner of the company (Tom) and the mechanic (Matt) were in my house again to check the car, this time Tom said that my compressor was bad, not the alternator they changed, which it didn't make any sense to me because the AC was working perfectly. This time he was charging me $1200 to fix the car.

I told him I will think about it and give them an answer, another $68 (for inspection) to his pocket only to tell me something that was a lie.

After talking with someone else that knows about cars, I told to Tom that I wanted to change the alternator he put on the car because I truly believed that was the problem.

We made an appointment in my job and he changed the alternator again for another one, $200 (for labor) more to his pocket.

This time the car runs smoothly, but only for 2 days! I decided to take the car to the dealership and guess what? the car has a wrong alternator! it took them 30 min to figure that the alternator the car had was the wrong one, I asked them how do you know which alternator is going to work for the car? they said it is very simple, you take the one your car has, take it to the dealership and order the same one with the vin number of your car.

When I call Tom to tell him what the dealership told me and to ask him for the original part of the car he got extremely aggressive and hang up the phone. I went to the address that is listed in google for his company in order to have an answer from him, but he wasn't there, after texting me things like 'are you in drugs, no bipolar??' he block me from his phone.

I am taking this to court! he has to stop scamming people!! he is unprofessional and irresponsible for anything that happens to you or your car after fixing it!

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