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Mirzadegan Immigration Service, Inc.

Country Canada
City Richmond Hill, Ontario
Address 330 Highway 7 East
Phone (416)562 9090

Mirzadegan Immigration Service, Inc. Reviews

  • Nov 24, 2021

1. His attorney's fee is C $ 42,000, which is blank in the HST section. And businesses have a plan to pay for Canadian government spending. Are these numbers real and acceptable?

2. Does the Coburg Restaurant have a monthly income of C $ 100,000 in Coburg, Ontario, a restaurant that has been open for six months? I asked for a bank and official bill, but he sent me the bill manually.

3. The rent for a shop in Coburg, Ontario is C $ 10,000 per month. In addition to HST, is this amount correct?


4- His next violation I signed a contract with him for $ 150,000 and he offered me the Coburg restaurant for $ 650,000 and I told him to become an official expert. Can this price of $ 650,000 be available for a few tables and chairs? agreed? But they did not accept and said that you should trust me as your lawyer.

5- They themselves have sent me an invoice manually which is the income of the restaurant, and the attachment of this letter is all the attached documents.

Important Note: He did not include the tax amount in the contract, and the amount of $ 42,000 for the attorney's fee seems unreasonable, and the non-inclusion of second lawyer's signature and the unofficial bill regarding the restaurant's income compel me to do all this. Has I stopped my immigration case and pursued it? Do I, who intend to immigrate to Canada as an immigrant and start living from the beginning, have these official figures or not? His tax should be carefully examined from the beginning of the issuance of the business license, and that my amount with all the expenses I made for this contract is the amount of $ 20,000 that they should deposit in my account ‌ the losses that I have incurred.

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