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Michael William-Paul

Country United States
State New York
City New York
Address Two Hundred East 26th Street

Michael William-Paul Reviews

  • Jan 18, 2019

Years ago these egomaniacs claimed they would be my manager. I was an actor. But they wanted to do everything in house. They charged me way overprice for "headshots” which were overexposed and no one in the industry liked them- they weren’t the standard quality for headshots, far from it. They charged me $1.5k to edit my reel which i essentially did on my own because they didn’t know what they were doing. I actually literally edited it by myself and all they did was minor color correction to one scene. They also had no idea what a reel should look like in the first place. They set up meetings with me just so Michael could talk to me about himself and how he was trying to get himself more google-able. It was pathetic. I was inexperienced and was trying to be nice but eventually i started asking when they would start doing their job as a manger and see about setting up meetings with agents or get me out to auditions. They seemed to get mad at me like I what I was asking for was never what they agreed to in the first place. They knew i was an actor, they "helped” me get "headshots” and a "reel” (both were way overpriced and total crap) and provided no managerial guidance that i should have received with them as my manager. Complete egomaniacs. Sarah is frankly a rude b***h who got mad the more I pressed them for answers as to what the hell they were doing. Michael is moron who thinks he is a genius. Horrible people. Horrible "company”. Olivia management was their name or something. Completely fake and taking money from new actors who don’t realize how things work. They disgust me. Do not ever work with or for these people.

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