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Mediation & Counseling, PLLC

Country United States
State Texas
City Irving
Address 222 W Las Colinas Blvd, Suite 1650
Phone 817 729 0543

Mediation & Counseling, PLLC Reviews

  • Jun 16, 2016

BEWARE: Mediation World PLLC AKA Dr. Ralph Steele is a provider of legal education courses such as 40 hours of Texas basic meditation trainning. However, the unethical and deceptive practices of this instructor compromises the integrity of the entire practice.

I found the business in a Google search of providers in my local area. I read the bios of the attorneys and felt comfortable with their credentials to teach the course. However the website did not provide specific information to which prompted for me to call. My call was answered by Dr. Ralph Steele. As I inquired about class times, dates and fees, he provided information in contrast of printed material on the website such as the fees for the classes. Being that it seemed like a good deal for my money still even at the higher fees of $750 instead of the advertised $695 and $550 instead of $515 for the Advanced Family course, I went forward with the purchase. I was instructed to manually type the generic fees into the payment portal but I took the precaution to describe the fees for my own record.

As I awaited for formal enrollment material via email, I only received a phone call speaking of an impromptu class that just became available to start on May 16, 2016. I asked how many other students were registered and was informed only one other however he would be letting others who were interested know of the availability. So I agreed to start on the 16th and cleared my work schedule to be able to attend.

The morning of May 16th. I arrived at 9am and was escorted to a small private office in a Regus suite. This office had no windows and did not look presentable as a classroom. Dr. Steele made space at a small table within the room, clearing papers off to to the side and sat directly across from me in a very informal style. I asked about the other student to which he said they was not another. Planning to make the most of the day, I agreed to stay. Dr. Steele started sharing his personal life story with very inappropriate sexual stories and every once in a while during the story grab a worksheet, make a copy and share it with me. After noticing this informal tone, I asked for a class syllabus so I can make notes on our progress. He assured me I would get one "later". After 2 hours of conversation, Dr. Steele who was carefully montioring his email the whole time, asked if we could "skip" tomorrow's session because he had a meeting out of town. He further made the comment of how he had the authority to grant the certificate for the completion of 40 hours and no one would check on actual hours/time spent in class. Around 2pm, Dr. Steele gave me a video that I could watch to "substitute" the additional 3 hours of training for the day. The video "Mediation: It's Your Solution" was made by the Ohio Commission on Dispute Resolution and lasts a total of 60 minutes. I was given a two page personality assessment that he made a copy of and instructed to bring back on Wednesday as homework. He said it would give us something to talk about.

So as I left at 2:30p, I felt more like I had spent a few hours with a "drunk Uncle" than a college professor. I emailed later that evening to request a fresh class start in an effort to earn my 40 hour certification. Dr. Steele agreed and the new start date was set for Monday, June 6, 2016.

On Friday, May 27th, I sent an email requesting the cancellation policy for review. I did not get any response. I called the office on Tuesday, May 31st around 10am and was rudely informed by Dr. Steele that he was out of town and would address the situation when he got back into the office. I emailed an official request to cancel on June 1, 2016.

I started getting text messages from Dr. Steele asking where to send the refund. I told him my original form of payment had been on a credit card and it was my preferred refund method. I did not get a response. I texted back in regards to the amount of the refund. No respond. A few days later, June 3rd, I get another text asking where to send a refund check. I asked about the amount and was told it would only be for the advanced course since I started and did not complete the 40 hrs of basic mediation. I called the office to gain a better understanding and was answered by an irrate Dr. Steele who yelled at me in regards to trying to get something for free. I tried to remind him the start date for the class was still in the future, Monday June 6th and I had giving him at least a week's notice for cancellation.

He argued that cancellation policy was 3 days of purchase. No such policy was given to me at ANYTIME as well as it did not make sense because most educational courses start with the day the course begin and not date of purchased. He said he would allow for me to finish the course with him but would not grant any refunds towards the basic course since it was already began. I asked for a schedule of dates of classes to which another student would be registered. He asked personal questions in regards to why I did not want to work alone with him. The first time he asked I told him I was uncomfortable being alone with male instructor as a young women. He proceeded to plead and ask about my martial status and how he would just like to get to know me more. Finally, I ended the conversation stating all future coorrespondence should be in writing, he agreed and continued to text me with the same round of questions as why I did not want to take the course with him. I used the text messages as an opportunity to ask for the refund policy in writing. He texted he would send it with the refund for the second course.

I received a handwritten check company from"Mediation Counseling Travel" for the amount of $515 wrapped in a blank sheet of white paper. No refund policy or itemization of fees at all.

The formal complaint I filed with the Dallas Better Business Bureau received a rebuttal on June 14, 2016. This is the last correspondence I received from Dr. Steele.

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