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Maize Vaccination Clinic

Country United States
State Kansas
City Wichita
Address 419 N. Rutland St.
Phone 316.688.1020

Maize Vaccination Clinic Reviews

  • Oct 7, 2022

Went to Maize Kansas for Vet. Service. Maize City personal said there was no license and no permites to practice vaccination service. On the same day, May 14, 2022, My wife and I showed Adkins Mobile Service that on the date of next meds to be used, that meds for both of my service dogs would be expired.

She took the meds from me and said that if she could't get the right meds that she would refund me my money. So far, 10/8/22, she hasn't returned any of my dozens of phone calls. Lots of phone calls answering machine was full. This is way too much time to act on the things she said she would do including my refunds.

My service dog of about 15 years old came into a stroke or heart spazem / heart attact. My family and I thought we had lost her. Her, Emmie, her body was starting to get cold. She quit breathing. Thank God that after trying CPR, Emmie came back too. Adkins voice mail was full and could not leave a message for several days.

After Emmie started to come back too, we rushed her to the animal hosptial. Thank God that when we took her to the hospital, they told us that their was no damage or any problems with her. They said Emmie is in very good shape. They didn't charge us anything for looking at her. They said what ever we done, worked.

They said they would let Adkins know what happened. They also said for us to go back to my regular Veterinary Doctor. My regular Vet said that she probably was over dosed. My vet Dr. gave me a different brand name and lower dose of calming meds to help her calm down for a storm and fire works. We paid about $400.00 on 5/14/22.

She had way too much time to make things right with my family. Waiting 10 months is way too long to just keep waiting. Adkins, I feel is stone walling us. My next action will be to the medical board and health department, and then maybe to file a court trial.

I feel that Adkins practices should be stopped. Witness is Steve, Kity, and my daughter Darynne. If I could rate them a negitive 5, I would.

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