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Mainstream Marketing

Country United States
State New Jersey
Phone 888-379-8451

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  • Nov 8, 2017

Main street marketing group reopens to scam business owners once again. They were formerly know as corporate bailout in tinton falls nj. Now called main street marketing group, they use alias to hide from the public. However, some old employees remain with the company as well as senior management. Michael marino, who heads the sales division and michael hamill who heads customer service are all involved along with glen and cindy just to name a few. Corporate bailout, now known as main street marketing, aims to enroll business owners in a settlement or restructure plan that they will never see through. They offer low payments to entice business owners but they themselves actually do none of the work and provide zero results to clients. Be careful if you are called by them offering any type service and due your homework. To make it even worse when they created there new webiste they didnt even change the content.

They just copy and pasted it from their old site. If they change it after reading this post then i suggest using sites like waybacktimemachine to go ahead and view it. They also hide there office location so nobody knows where they are.. hmmm. Here is a link for previous issues that were in the press

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