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Mackoy Hernandez & Qualls, LLP

Country United States
State Texas
City Frisco
Address 9300 John Hickman Pkwy #701
Phone 214-387-9056

Mackoy Hernandez & Qualls, LLP Reviews

  • Mar 8, 2018

I hired Lisa Hernandez to represent me in a divorce. Without a doubt, the worst "lawyer" I have ever met. This woman is the poster child for lazy and ignorant. I had the privilege of getting a front row seat to her court room performance. Temporary Orders Hearing. Opposing counsel was prepared and aggressive. We knew he would be. Well...I knew he would be. You only get 40 minutes for this hearing. Opposing counsel was organized and used his twenty minutes perfectly. Lisa Hernandez, not even close. This idiot spent a majority of the 20 minutes repeating the same thing. It was a train wreck. At the end of the hearing I asked her why she did not get aggressive and use the documentation I had provided her.....and....that she agreed to use. Her reply...."I am not going to do that to another woman." My two adult children were present and heard the conversation and were as surprised as I, based on her earlier commitment. That would have been useful information prior to paying these scumbags. I fired this pathetic excuse of a "lawyer". I hired a real attorney and successfully got sole custody of my daughter....and a very fair division of property. I never miss an opportunity to tell this story to friends and other attorneys I know. I want my money back.

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