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Mack's Motors, Inc.

Country United States
State Wisconsin
City Saint Francis
Address 4224 S Kinnickinnic Ave
Phone 414-483-4628

Mack's Motors, Inc. Reviews

  • Jul 26, 2016

From the second I drove my vehicle off the lot I have had multiple issues with this dealership. I did not receive my plates and had to hound Fred for them multiple times. Fred and I had an agreement on replacing the bald tires as part of the sale of the car and getting that from him never happened. After 2 years of payments I payed off the car and waited 12 weeks for my title. Dealing with Fred again the get a signature of release on the Title was a NIGHTMARE. I complied with him to pay an outstanding insurance fee, which I was fighting with him at the beginning that I got my own insurance and did not want his. He said He was going to run my card and send me a release letter. I noticed he did not process the payment so I called back a week later and he said that the credit card machine was not working but he will do that for me. He still did not process the payment or send me the release letter so I called again and he said he would call me back. He did not I called back the next day and the very kind secretary Stella said that he was with a customer and he would call me back. He did not and I had mentioned that I needed this problem resolved today. I did not get a call back so I called the next day and Stella said that Fred did not get to my paperwork done and he left all of the paper on her desk to sort out and organize and he was leaving town for over a week. There was nothing that Stella could do for me, although she had tried. I still have an unresolved issue, as of February 26, and I completed payment on my car November 1st. DO NOT BUY A CAR FROM MACK MOTORS OR FRED IF YOU DONT WANT TO SPEND MONTHS WORKING ON GETTING YOUR TITLE AND DEALING WITH CALLING OVER AND OVER FOR A SOLUTION. By the way, our pos car doesn't even run anymore. Fred is the epitome of a terrible car salesman.

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