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Mack's Motor Sales

Country United States
State Illinois
City Chicago
Address 3233 N Pulaski Rd
Phone 773-736-5883

Mack's Motor Sales Reviews

  • Jun 24, 2016

I hate to sound ominious but please beware of this place. The manager and owner fred seemed trustworthy at first which is why I bought directly from him and not his salesman. From the moment the car was over thirty days in my posession his entire behavior had changed. I was driving on the I-290 when all of the sudden I saw this thick white smoke fummating underneath the hood of my vehicle. then suddenly my truck just stopped in the middle of the highway. I had It towed to my mechanic only to be told that my radiator overheated and blew steam into my engine...ultimately blowing out my engine. I was extremely upset.

The next step I took was to contact fred because I needed my vehicle for work. He said that the warranty was over but he cold give me a loaner while I got my car repaired. I explained to him that it is ridicouls for me to replace a 8-cylinder engine that I was only driving for a month and that he told be there was a extended warranty on this car. A new customer entered the place and he told me to wait in the lobby while he addressed the new customer. In complete awe and him puting me off I waited in the lobby patiently until he made time to resume our conversation. Stella ,his only customer service person, kindly invited me in her office to speak to her. I explained to her the situation and she said that I must of misunderstood him because he only puts thirty day warranties on his cars.

At this point I was frustrated and said "I find it convient that he made no effort to correct my understanding until the warranty is over and I can't get my money back". She told me to just wait until fred could get back with me and in the meantime she was going to get me set with the loaner. She gave me the keys to a 1999 toyota and the sales guy put my temporary plates on it. Three hours later of me sitting in a office I was told by fred that it was somehow my mistake and that this is a common issue for new drivers. I was then told I could recieve a discount by going to there reccommeded mechanic shop. I told him I had no intention of paying for a engine and that I wanted a different car, He told me to give him a couple of days to figure something out.

Nearly four days later the battery had died on the Toyota and it had to continously be jumpstarted every time I turned it off. I drove back with one of his employees to the car lot and waited patiently in his lobby to check the status of my new car. After 4 hours of seeing evey new potential buyer that was walking threw the door and doing "paperwork" he called me into his office. "The bank doesn't want to approve you for a new car, the would rather you just take a loan to fix the car" he told me. In dismay I reminded him that I did not want to pay for another car and that he sold a lemon and he should replace it. Another customer came and he told me to wait in the lobby. I am a honest woman and believe me when I tell you I have never faced such disrespect in a place of business before. I waited another 4 hours and was told that he "could" not give me another loaner and that repairing the engine was my best bet.

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