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Machine Zone

Country United States
State California
City Palo Alto
Address 555 Hamilton Ave

Machine Zone Reviews

  • Dec 25, 2017

First of all I'd like to say stay away from any MZ game product online they are crooks and refuse to remedy situations as they arise. I have been gaming with MZ and Game of War for close to four years now. As of the last few months MZ has been bombarding this game with in game sales and "must have updates" to keep a player competitive in the game. Last month MZ ran a promotion that went like this Black Friday deal buy one pack for $19.99 get 20 packs free plus 1 free pack a day for four weeks. Well, many people, myself included jumped on this "amazing deal" and purchased the pack. Then on Cyber Monday ( three days after the Black Friday sale) they introduced another pack deal by the Cyber Monday pack for $19.99 get 20 packs free and 1 free pack daily for four weeks...

So, again myself and countless others jumped on that sale as well. After all, getting two packs each day for four weeks seemed like an amazing thing. Well, after purchasing the two separate packs with similar deals on two different days MZ decided to only award one of the free pack deals per day to players including myself. After writing them and trying to figure out why it was this way (mind you after the purchases were made) MZ wrote me and basically told me that I would only be receiving the last pack deal I purchased (Cyber Monday) pack and the Black Friday free pack per day deal was voided. No where in or on their Game of War app did this claim to take place. Consumers were not warned about one voiding the other nor was this "void" warned of on either of the purchases.

Upon further communication with MZ I was told they would "forward my concern" to their pack department and sales so they could possibly add a disclaimer to future sales so there would be no confusion. And that's just the tip of the Machine Zone scam. Many items they promise in their packs are never delivered, buy one get 20 or 30 free packs are actually buy one get only one and you don't know it till after you make the purchase. Items that you do buy such as the new Omega Core pieces, once you open the packs up the pieces disappear and you no longer have them in your inventory. This company is an all around scam and honestly I think something should be done about it. Even a class action suit would be in order as I am certain they have scammed hundreds of people such as myself.

  • Sep 28, 2017

I bought an item through the "Game of War"by Machine Zone but MZ never gave me the item. I emailed the support team several times but they always said "there is no account related to the game". I've already check the Google Play Store supporting team and checked my transaction ID related to the item. I provided all the information to the MZ, I only got the same answers. If there were no related account to the"game of war", how could I buy one of your items? This wasn't the first time that I've purchased the items. There hasn't had problems before, however, these days other players are complaining the same issues. MZ seems not to try to fix the errors that has happened lately.

  • Sep 8, 2017

Machine Zone - Game of War has become an absolute scam. They are releasing new downloadable content multiple times per week, with the prices ranging from $20US to $500US (you read that correctly.)

Even if you spend $100US or so a month, you will not be able to keep up. Every new "feature" they release is promised to be the ultimate/game changer/etc. but then within days, literally, the items you just bought will be basically worthless as they come out with something new.

Not only can you not keep up unless you are spending multiple hundreds of dollars monthly, but your entire city can be destroyed in one attack. That means all the money you spent will pretty much have been wiped away. Not only that, but the new "features" they keep producing are extremely time exhausting. Prepare to click the same button hundreds (if not thousands of times - I wish I were lying.)

Furthermore, when they market a specific pack, they will tell you that it will level you out/up/max you out in that particular category, however this is never true. You may be able to get 80% of the way there but the last 20% will cost you, usually at least two more packs.

When you purchase a pack, you can expect approximately 30-40% of the items to either not be in it, or are bait-and-switch items. The "received items" list magically shows only a portion of the whole. However I have compared screenshots of what I was supposed to get and what I received and they don't match up.

You CANNOT level up in this game without spending money. The "events" that award in game prizes now primarily rely upon you spending money (5 of 9 events recently were spend a minimum of $29US.) The rest are basically useless because you can only complete them if you've already spent quite a bit of money and then the rewards are utterly useless. Like being handed potato chips at a poker table useless.

About two months ago, in an effort to hide all of the dead cities (players that completely abandoned the game) they made a massive merge, miscalculated, and now many players are stranded without being able to develop their alliance team.

Also speaking of calculations, somehow they screwed up their expansion so everything is in a very weird, completely incalcuble ratio. For example, a 100% increase is really about a .00004% increase (to whatever), and everything is now a number system based on millions billions and trillions.... and I mean that I have a statistic that is 1KTTT (one kilo-trillion-trillion-trillion or one decillion if you google it). Not only are these numbers gibberish but their systems cannot do the calculations so you can attack with 1 KTTT against someone who has 7BTT and lose and there is no way to comprehend why.

Lastly, despite coming out with new 'bleep' to buy literally every couple days, the game has become very, very stale. There are no new monsters, no new events. Really it's just constant grinding... I wasn't joking about hitting a button thousands of times.) And, most likely before you have finished grinding away they will have come out with something new that you have to start back at zero grinding away one.

Oh, and the game crashes constantly and customer service sucks.

  • Apr 20, 2017

I made an in game purchase of a 'Pack' of game items and resources for $99. This 'Pack' had written on it "Guaranteed Unlock ALL Strategic T6 Troops" and was the reason I purchased the 'pack'. Then with the newly purchased pack items I proceeded to work through the Ultimate Combat research tree and was successfully able to unlock ALL Normal T6 Troops (which come before unlocking Strategic T6 Troops in the research tree and cannot be skipped). As I try to Unlock the 1st of 3 Types of Strategic T6 troops, I find that I have not been given through my 'pack' purchase enough "Water Shards" to even unlock the first Strategic T6 troop type of the Guaranteed ALL promised. In complaining to Machine Zone; not a single MZ representative will acknowledge that the Guarantee even exists despite screen shot proof I have sent and they say they will pass along my observations to their developers.

They have also said I only purchased a "Normal Troop Unlock" pack. In my non-legal opinion this is consumer fraud. Promising one thing and not delivering on that promise with no recourse to get what I paid for. No replacement pack / no offer of 'Water Shards' to fulfill the guarantee / no refund / we lied, too bad, so sad. I simple want what I paid for "Guaranteed Unlock ALL Strategic T6 Troops"; no more no less. I have spent $1000 to $2000 on this game since January of 2014 and they are now ignoring my reasonable request to simply honor their guarantee. Since I have sent them proof with a screen shot of the pack I purchased; they obviously know they have committed fraud and don't care.

  • Dec 26, 2016

I had a large account with game of war fireage,a lot of money was spent,I tried for months to contact them to retrieve the account but received nothing but automated messages in return,I hired a computer tech to try also but all he found was information being passed from me to the largest member of the kingdom I was located,information which led to the zeroing of my account,these people are thieves and hopefully will be dealt with accordingly.

  • Dec 9, 2016

On more than o for occasion I have brought in app purchases for game of war. I have had problems with items not Bering added to my account but each time I made contact it's taken mz days to respond and they always just deny uh saying I received my items. I also had gold ( witch you have to buy iig was about £50 worth ) disappear from my account, and although mz admitted fault they refused to refund me.

  • Nov 19, 2016

Caution,stay away from this company

I have been playing game of war for almost 3 years,i have spent thousands of dollars on this game to build my account up into the 150 billion mark,a few weeks back my email was compromised as was my mz login which now makes it impossible to unlock my account,i have sent 25 or more emails pleading for help on the matter but no reply at all from mz,so my account is lost now,these people do not care about you all they are concerned about is money,stay away from this company.

  • Oct 12, 2016

This company offers false and misleading packs for purchase during game play. It is impossible to contact this company. All issues have to be resolved through email. Email replies are always very general and in most cases have nothing to do with your complaint. I purchase the "DBC Lady Justice Pack". I did this so I could continue my Daily Bonus Club rewards. The price was $99.99 and after the purchase, my daily bonus club prizes were not activated. Bethany Mullen of MZ told me to reactivaste the daily bonus club rewards I would have to purchase a DBC pack. I pointed out to her that that was indeed what I had purchased. Over ten days later they still have not resolved the issue. Stay away from this game and company. It is a scam. There's zero customer support.

  • Oct 8, 2016

This is a dangerous game

Bad game full of dishonest mobile strike employees who peer pressure people into spending massive amounts of money with the promise of a competitive atmosphere. They go as far as creating fake profiles off line to befriend you in an attempt to pressure more ppl to spend. It as predatory as ripping off senior citizens with Alzheimer's. No wonder we have such weak soft drug addicted country becuz the ppl who let this treatment of fellow countymen exsist also are responsible for our atmosphere of the enormous threat of drug addiction

  • Oct 5, 2016

Don't be sucked in!

This game advertises as "free to play". It's more like "spend, spend, spend, to play". I got suckered in to this game. I'm embarrassed to say how much I have spent just trying not to get beat up all the time. If I spend $100, there is someone spending thousands. Then, MZ, I've heard, puts their own players in to go around destroying what the little guys have built. Everything you play, you are bombarded with ads to buy now! They advertise packs that make you think you are getting something but end up not getting what they advertise. They are a bunch at money grabbing thieves. And, we are fools that are being taken advantage of. If anyone is thinking of starting a class action against them, I want to get in on it.

  • Sep 2, 2016

I started this free game about two years ago or so. Ive invested about 8 thousand dollars into this game as I was just getting the hang of this game, when it kept giving me a error box that said thst we have encountered a unexpected error and to retry again... I was told by the I tunes advisor to log off then log back on again... that will do the trick he said..... Yeah it did the trick alright. I tricked me out of logging back in... Now my city is being robbed, and looted no one from Machine Zone came to my rescue... Im tired of this stress. I just want my mony back.

  • Jul 9, 2016

As seems to be the trend, Machine Zone has again ripped off their customers. I recently purchased an in game "pack" as they are known and since it was Independence Day they were offering a bonus pack as well with the purchase of any 4.99 pack or above during the sale period. This bonus pack certainly was a contributing factor to my purchase alas when I made my purchase my bonus pack never showed up. I attempted several times to reach out and handle nicely through customer service which has led to more frustration apparently the customer service reps either don't care or they just enjoy cutting and pasting responses as each response made it painfully clear that either English isn't the first language or they never read the first complaint . In my eyes this is certainly a theft by deception case as all of the promised materials were not supplied as advertised. Buyer beware Machine Zone is an unethical , non responsive company solely devised to take as much money as possible and give its customers no real recourse.

  • Jul 6, 2016

I have spent over $1,200 building the top power game. I tried to log in 2 weeks ago & it said server is under maintenance. Everyone else in the game can log on but me. I have been zerod out for 2 weeks straight. Everything I have built for the last year is gone,tech support won't respond at all to my emails. I can't log on to protect my game & they won't respond at all. They have also taken unauthorized amounts of money from my bank account, also no response to those unauthorized charges. These guys are crooks.

  • Jun 11, 2016

Yesterday I purchased a $99 pack from the Game of War Fire Age app that I use. I selected the level 23 pack and proceeded with my purchase. After purchasing the pack I went into my reports and found out they gave me the wrong pack. I immediately wrote an email explaining the.mix up and asked them to fix it. I waited four hours with no response. I wrote three more emails and then they finally responded. They said that they will not refund me the money and will not do an exchange. I immediately wrote them that I had spent specifically wanted the level 23 pack and not the one they gave me. I told them that I did not use any of the stuff that came I the pack they sent as well. They never wrote me back. I called Google Play store and explained the situation to them and they looked over the purchase and asked me what happened. After explaining everything to them, they said they will try their best to refund the purchase.

After about 15 minutes, they told me that they were not able to and send me paperwork to fill out and send to the developer. I was told to also try calling my card company to see if they can get a refund on the purchase. Google told me that they will make a notation in their files to see if there were other reports like this and that they'll file a report against Machine Zone on players behalf if it see a pattern. I called American Express and explained the situation them. American Express loked through the purchase. They told me that the payment was processed but if they money was not returned by the 17th, they will also file a claim against Machine Zone as well. They gave me a set of paperwork via email to fill out as well to send to the developer. Now I will not be able to participate in the kingdom versus kingdom events, build my accounts up (I have 3 total that I spend at least $300 on each) and protect my investments. This is not the way a company that makes billions off their users should treat us.

  • May 23, 2016

(Disclaimer: this report is personal mostly and does not delve into the fact that the game is a completely faulty product that steals money from people even when they can't play the game correctly because of server issues).

It was during one of the lowest points of my life that I came across this multi-million- (or billion-) dollar mmorpg, app, pay-to-play piece of crap game and I will regret it for eternity. You might think the following sob story sounds whiney, and I really don’t care. My only goal in writing it out is to make sure no one else in the world plays this awful, evil game and that all of its developers rot in somewhere worse than **** because I actually have something like respect for Satan, whereas I have none for the types of monsters that make these bullshit games.

Here’s a brief overview of the game. It was originally part strategy-type war game where you build a stronghold and join an alliance (think of a Clash of Clans ripoff) and fight against other players. It later turned into d**k-flinging contest where the one who spent the most money on the game wins (and when I say most I’m talking about 100s of thousands of dollars, probably millions too). When you first login to your account you are immediately prompted to buy a $100 pack. When you are drunk and sucked into the allure of the social side of this game, it’s impossible not to click on the suck-your-life-savings button that takes up half the screen. The game is psychologically geared to make you spend money and to never stop spending money. You really can’t do anything in the game if you don’t spend money. And it is as addicting as methamphetamines.

I was actually doxxed (that’s when men issues give out your personal information, like email, home address and phone number so other men can harass you too). Now you might be thinking what does that have to do with the actual game? And the truth is, it has everything to do with the game because it would have never happened had this wretched game not existed. I will give MZ some credit for actually making a few in-game changes after I emailed them about the blatent sexual harassment. They started censoring some words, like c**t (little did they know, you can spell it with a k).

This game feeds on addicts, not just adults but teenagers too. It is predatory, it is the vilest thing to ever enter the gaming industry. Do not play this game.

I don’t understand how any respectable person would work for this company and anyone who does should be ashamed of themselves.

I am owning my mistake of ever playing this game. I can only hope MZ owns their mistakes too and does the right thing for it's consumers by reimbursing anyone who has ever been taken advantage by them.

There are no FDA regulations on these types of pay-to-play games. They skirt around gambling laws (I mean, at least with gambling there’s the idea of winning money back). They are destroying people and they are destroying families. These are very bad things. for a company to do

I don’t even want to mentally calculate let alone look up my bank account records for the number, the dollar amount I actually spent on this game—I know it’s a lot but knowing is that much more damaging to my psyche. How embarrassing. And I promise you mine is one, light story compared to the other hundreds of life-ruining stories I have heard from other players (there’s one where a kid racked up $25,000 on his parent’s credit cards behind their back).

The fact of the matter is, the pay-to-play video game industry needs to be regulated and it should start with the destruction of the stupid, horrible, evil, scum of the earth Game of War.

  • Mar 28, 2016

I purchased a gaming pack within the app for c amount and was supposed to have received x amount of electronic gaming pieces and only received less than half I emailed MZ several times and created a ticket and responded to the automated return email from MZ several times and sti yet to get a response nothing from MZ and on a separate occasion during a game glitches have lost several gaming pieces and created tickets for those pieces to be replaced and when MZ replied all they could say is I lost my pieces due to glitches from the gam and did not offer any kind of replacement Pieces= speed ups, teleports, resources which is vital to play this online game that I paid money for!

  • Mar 1, 2016

I have sent at least 20 emails about a stolen account over the last 3 days. It is an R5 account in 757 and the thief has admitted that he will return the account for $800. I have submitted proof in email with screen shots where the thief has said he will return the account for $800. My team members have also submitted multiple emails. Over 3 days with no response. I have proof of over $1,500.00 spent on gold packs, all log ins, passwords and pins. After spending all the money with Machine Zone, I have recieved no information or help in recovering my account. In fact, the thief has told me that Machine Zone contacted him. I am appalled at the incredibly poor customer service, especially for players that have spent so much money. A simple response would be nice so you can review my proof instead of letting someone steal my account AFTER I spent so much money.

  • Feb 4, 2016

I play game of war by machine zone. They have the worst customer service I have ever seen. I'm not one to complain I normally don't bother I just don't bother to use the service or go back if I'm treated bad. I bought one of there packs for $99 bucks and I didn't get everything I was supposed to get with the pack. I emailed MZ to make them aware. They emailed me back with an explanation as to the quality of the items in the pack. They obviously didn't read my email because I was emailing about not getting the items. So I emailed my response again letting them no I didn't get the items. I then got an email asking what items and the date I bought the pack. Now I included that info in the first email to them but resent the info again. I then got an email telling me I received 2 chest with 5000 items in each one. Well a pack comes with a lot of chest with 5000 items not just 2. So I emailed them again asking where the other items where now we have been emailing back and forth for just about a month. I got another email saying I think your trying to say you didn't get all of the items in the pack. At this point I'm really aggravated. They then ask me for the date I bought the pack again I thought you have got to be kidding me. I again send the info and they send me a totally wrong pack print out of everything I opened in the pack. They where never going to help at all this is such a shame because I've spent over a thousand bucks in 3 years time playing this game and they don't even help you when you don't get what you paid for. Please don't start playing this game you will make friends and it's hard to quit and leave everyone.

  • Dec 10, 2015

This company routinely produces game lag at critical moments to make you lose troops and have to spend more to rebuild . Then when you mail them asking them to fix the problem replace troops or what ever they outright lie to your face and basically act like your to stupid to know better . Also as a part of routine they put there own employees into kingdoms and alow them to zero accounts out so that person has to spend more. All of these things are just the tip of the ice berg. If anyone can start a class action lawsuit or even do something to the management there so they understand its wrong to steal from people and people will get even please do

  • Oct 3, 2015

Machine Zone is a total scam and has the most absolute horrible customer service I have ever had to experience. They advertise play for free yet to really advance or contuine with the game u must pay. I have been foolish enough to spend thousands of dollars on the game but the spending ends now. They constantly rip players off by not including everything in packages that people pay for. They show favoritism to one particular spender they have. The game is constantly lagging or not loading but they blame everyone but themselves. I am warning people do not get sucked into this game. It's a total rip off.

  • Aug 28, 2015

Game of war starts off as you building your city and training troops etc. now that we got that out of the way. If you don't spend 3k at a minimum you will be a farm. Game is not free and rigged to keep you spending money. The platform is horrible. The constantly lags and crashes. They have no customer service so all you get is computer generated emails of the same sort. I wish I could show screen shots as I document all. You have been warned this game is a ripoff.

  • Aug 21, 2015

My account was stolen / hacked. I have tried getting support and they will not respond. I have no way to resolve as they do not have a phone support line. Only an email address. That has not gotten me anywhere. I have tried getting information via facebook or twitter with no response.

  • Jul 31, 2015

Tired of being suckered into on line video games only to be extorted for more money to proceed in game. Most of these are free to down load until you try to play it and you have to spend more money to continue. This includes Game Of War of which cost me almost $5 to down load and upon opening it they constantly hounded me for money in order to proceed. To me this is a deceptive business practice; hooking customers and then extorting more money to continue

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