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Country United States
State Alabama
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  • Aug 12, 2015

After trying to locate a puppy, I reached out to After posing as if they only place a puppy in a caring home, they promise a great price along with discounted or free shipping. After a few emails back and forth, then stating that they're located in Baltimore, MD, I said I could travel there for the puppy rather than pick it up. I asked for additional photos of the pup because I had a feeling it was a scam, I received the response "NO". I asked what the 'no' was referring to and asked again for photos, and I received another "No". Probably because if I traveled to Baltimore they wouldn't scam me out of my money. If searching for a puppy do your research and don't deal with someone who won't send you information you need. Do not send money gram or western union. A reputable breeder will have normal payment options.

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