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Mac Ragans Sales & Service

Country United States
State Virginia
City South Boston
Address 1047 Huell Matthews Hwy
Phone 434 572-6996

Mac Ragans Sales & Service Reviews

  • Dec 2, 2015

The tire on my 16 foot flatbed trailer blew out on the way home from picking up a load of wood near Clarksville, Virginia. Called Mac Ragan's garage for roadside service at 6:00 PM, 11-17-2015.

The service man showed up, looked at the trailer tire and rim and left without taking my tire with him.

I specifically asked him if he wanted to take them with him, he said no. He was driving the company vehicle, which was a wrecker. He returned with a brand new rim and tire. The rim did NOT fit the trailer, it was the wrong size. So then he ended up taking my tire and rim back to the shop and putting the new tire on my old rim. Returned and put it on the trailer. I was billed for the new rim, which I never received, despite the fact the tire was put on my old rim. I called Mac Ragan and asked for a refund for the rim and he refused, called me names, said it was policy etc. There are witnesses to EVERY part of this. The total bill was $279.00 of which most of it was for the rim and the charges to put the tire on the wrong rim and then move it to my rim.

I file a complaint with the BBB and Mac Ragan responds with a bunch of lies about how my trailer is homemade and non-road compliant and doctors up this bill that shows that he was actually helping me save money. It was all bullshit. I sent the BBB photos of my trailer's manufacturer decal and photos of the tire. It was amazing that Mac Ragan had all this minute detail about my trail, considering he never saw it because he was not there. However, three witnesses were there; my daughter, my attorney's nephew that works for me, and a mechanic froom Franklin's Garage who had stopped to help before the guy from Mac Ragan's showed up. We all know exactly what happened.

Mac Ragan is a lying cheating bully. He was offensive on the phone and called me names and kept saying I was stupid because I would not agree to allow him to charge me for something that I did not want, need or ask for.

Do NOT use his sevices. He will over charge you, refuse to send a reciept and lie about it.

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