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M.V.P. Management

Country Canada
City Toronto Ontario
Address 258 Wallace Avenue. Suite #106.
Phone 416-792-5601

M.V.P. Management Reviews

  • Aug 13, 2016

Mvp management incorporated camille bailey & cindy la chapelle: i was signed under contract with mvp management Used to be known as shok models but opened up under mvp management after shok models was shut down years ago) for only 17 months. This job was done in june...Over 2 years later and i still never received a penny from that job. I was a broke college student and was taken advantage of; this agency tricked me and robbed me blind as a result i got into even more credit card debt. Second job i did about a year ago for a commercial, and waited 9 months to get paid. Was owed $160.00 but was only paid $68.00. Cindy & camille were never upfront and honest with me about the various fees that are not explained clearly in their 3 year contract. Beware: the contract will also say that you cannot take legal action against mvp management, inc. Mvp will not just take 20% commission they will also charge $120 a year as well as a 20% client fee, and an accounting fee on top of that. I paid $350 to do a photoshoot with them, another $350 on top of that for the portfolio prints, and another $295 on top of that for comp cards. After being with this agency for 17 months i only received $68.00 from the two jobs i worked on which wasn't even enough money to cover all the portfolio and comp card costs...I invested around $1000 and made less than 10% of the money that i invested. After i cancelled the contract cindy and camille kept all the photographs that were taken of me on their social media and even lied to me saying that they removed my picture off their social media posts when they never did. Have flat out refused to remove my picture off their social media after multiple requests were made. Do not waste your time with this agency. They will take all your money$$$ and claim that every job in modelling takes up to a year to get paid because it is the clients fault. Complete crap and nothing but a lie. If you have had any similar experiences with this agency please feel free to comment below. Thank you.

  • Oct 5, 2016

This bogus complaint is from and by Emily Carpenter who has done the same thing to another Agency.

Emily Carpenter a.k.a. Emily C Model is making up yet again that an agency is taking advantage of her. She has a history of this sort of thing. The Belleville Police Department has reports about her. Do not believe her ridiculous story. She was sued by the first agency (and lost) and will probably end up sued again by M.V.P. Management and the people working there for harming their credibility.

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