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M. Bjorn Petersen Transportation, Inc.

Country United States
State Arizona
City Glendale
Address 5701 W Maryland Ave
Phone 623-435-9400

M. Bjorn Petersen Transportation, Inc. Reviews

  • Jul 17, 2017

DO NOT work for this POS!!

First off he screws his drivers any way he can over their pay!! His drivers have to live off "draws" they receive when fueling. He says he has direct deposit, but somehow those deposits fail to reflect on their pay cards. When drivers call asking about paychecks, he replies that there was a problem loading to the cards, and he is mailing checks. After weeks of waiting for said checks, he will issue a comcheck, then while you're driving to the bank to cash it, he calls and stops payment on it. When the driver calls to find out what is going on, they are told he is on the phone, out of the office, call back. When he finally does answer a call, they are told to go to a destination and pick the money up there instead, only to find that it is half of what he said/owes.

When inquiring about a raise, he will have 101 reasons not to give the request..including but not limited to an incident that happened 2 years prior, that he docked the drivers pay for at the time!! He will rant and rave about all the wrong/bad things he can think of, NEVER once praising his drivers or giving them credit for anything.

If a load is incorrectly loaded and damaged in transit, he docks the driver for the damages! If HIS equipment breaks down, and a driver is laid over for several days, he refuses to pay for motels etc. upfront. Then drivers are docked for the fees from their pay anyway.

IF HIS equipment is broke down and the load is late and gets penalized for missing the appt time, he penalizes the drivers pay for the amount he is penalized!!

He fails to maintain his equipment properly, often times taking shortcuts that result in frequent breakdowns. Says to bring the truck to Phoenix for "scheduled" maintence, but that is impossible when he keeps his drivers out for months! Then when they finally say enough and demand to go home for a few days, he cuts those days short demanding they pick up a load earlier than what was originally discussed. He refuses to pay for deadheading, or down time due to equipment failures!!

Many times the truck is THROWING oil everywhere, and he doesn't care. If the a/c quits, he could care less. He jimmy rigs his trucks to make the next run often resulting in another breakdown! His drivers safety is never of his concern. Drivers have taken backroads at HIS INSISTANCE only to breakdown and be stuck without cell phone service, unable to use their computers to notify the company, having to rely on passers-by to send help to them.

He doesn't pay his licensing fees and has drivers run back roads avoiding DOT scales, THEN pays the drivers the shortest route mileage..not what he REQUIRED them to run! Doesn't reimburse for toll fees, postage, etc either!!

Has drivers go several miles out of their way to save a few pennies (4-6) in fuel, and doesn't reimburse for the extra miles!

This guy needs to be put out of business, his company is a scam!!

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