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M&T Bank

Country United States
State New Jersey
City Paramus
Address 80 West Century Rd
Phone 1-800-724-2440

M&T Bank Reviews

  • May 12, 2018


My mother, Eileen Raymond is 94 years old. She has had accounts with this bank since 1954 when it was Provident Savings Bank.

In February 2018, she noticed that she had not received a 1099 needed for the IRS and taxes. She called the bank. They refused to provide any information, because they said she had been using a different address for 13 months. She visited her branch at Wilkens Plaza. She spent nearly 3 hours with them, as she had to call Social Security, Baltimore Gas and Electric and others.

My mother had over $200,000 in this account. Apparently an employee noticed my mother’s age, and her lack of due diligence with this account. This was clearly an attempt by a M & T Bank employee to commit fraud.

We called the police. The bank gave no explanation how this happened or who was responsible. We made a complaint to their corporate office in Buffalo.

We demanded an investigation. The bank in turn demanded a formal letter from us. When we inquired why, they said they needed a letter to pursue a security matter. I said, “Wouldn’t the bank want to investigate their own lack of security?” Naturally, they could not give me an answer.

They have caused my elderly mother 3 months of grief with no end in sight. My mother has not even received a formal apology from anyone.

PLEASE DO NOT DEAL WITH THIS BANK. They did just make a mistake. They are successfully covering up the theft and fraud by M & T.

I invite anyone to contact me for additional information.

  • Jan 24, 2018

Joe Desiderio and M&T Bank constantly try to sell us false advertising and pressure us for our local business! How many calls can a person get a day asking for the same equity line of credit and attempt to bate us in for continued business partnerships. This is why we decided to seek out other lenders like Wells Fargo and TD Bank. Never agian do we use M & T Bank....they pressure too much and never allow us to just be a customers. Never again.

  • Oct 6, 2017

M & T Bank charges not one but two overraft fees of $37.50 where most banks will charge one. And they dont tell you this when you open the account.

They make you jump through many hoops if you wish to file a dispute.

Even if your account is inactive for 2 months and you no longer use the account, and a random charge comes thru of any amount from 5.00 dollars, they will charge you with a $37.50 fee as many times as a charge hits the account whether or not the debit is authorized.

Other banks automatically close your account if inactive for 30 days to protect the consumer.

When you make a bill payment, the actual day you make it is not reflected on the statement. It will show as 1-2 days after which is hindering to keeping accurate financial records.

I finally had to close my account. With all of these issues and their inconvenient banking hours, it was frustrating.

M & T bank however makes great profits off customers with their fees but they dont give much back.

  • Apr 14, 2017

$20 to cash a personal check at M & T Bank is quite extreme and a major rip off. The only way to avoid the fee is to open an account so they can further charge you a fee for said account.

  • Jan 28, 2016

If you think being a customer of Hudson City Savings Bank was bad, try being an employee especially if you are black or latino. Every single member of senior management was a white person, no blacks or latinos in that group. Corporate headquarters at 80 West Century Road, Paramus, NJ 07652, 4th floor executive level from Denis Salamone down - completely white males, except of course for the corporate secretary, a white lady Veronica Olszewski. But dont forget about the housekeeper carrying the lunch trays up and down, she was a latina lady. I guess with the latina lady they thought they were doing "diversity".

In Mortgage Servicing, once again, all white male senior managers, V. Barry Corridon, Bill Lacalamito, Jonathan Toder, Chris Mahler, Tom Laird oh and one lady, for good measure, Bernadette Zelop, of course white. Every other important department also all white, human resources, IT, you name it. Oh wait, I think the mailroom had a black lady manager....a miracle.

When the merger was announced, all the M&T people who came down from Buffalo, NY again, all white. Not a single black or other minority face in the crowd.

What can we expect from a historically racist bank such as Hudson City Savings Bank, who just days before the merger paid $25 million dollars in fines after they were found guilty of mortgage lending discriminiation and purposely avoiding doing business in minority neighborhoods. No different for M&T Bank, who in September 2015 had to settle with the Fair Housing Justice Center for $485,000. All a small sum of cash for these guys. If you look at the millions these guys walked away with when the bank merged, they certainly were laughing at all the workers and their pittance severance packages.

There were a lot of well qualified minority people working at Hudson City, some with advanced degrees, but of course if there is a policy of insitutionalized racism no member of a minority group will ever advance no matter what qualifications they have.

Any person of color or a minority ethinc group should turn their back on Hudson City now M&T Bank, 2 historically racist banks. M&T states how they are "committed to diversity" but if you look at the facts, just more lies.

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