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M&M Freight and Logistics, LLC.

Country United States
State Florida
City Miami
Address 15601 SW 137th Ave Apt 138
Phone (305) 726-4640

M&M Freight and Logistics, LLC. Reviews

  • Feb 11, 2020

M&M Freight and Logistics is not even 1 year old (Est. in May 2019). I am writing this review on 02-12-20. Their website site says they have been in business for 10 years. they have not even been in business for 10 months!!! What deceiving liars they are and the pulbic should know it. When a company can not even be honest about how long they have been in business, can you believe them when they say they will find you a truck with all the right credentials? Probably NOT!

Miami carriers have a terrible reputation. This company uses a Port St. Lucie, FL mailing address to try to hide where they do business from is a clear sign they are willing to pull the wool over anyone who researches them. Do your homework.

Go to and look at the 2 reviews they received just in the last 45 days.

You can not even find a rating for them with the BBB. If they were truly in business for 10 years - this would be easy to find with a corresponding correct address! They are not even registered with the BBB. NOT GOOD - especially if you are giving them your vehicle!!! Why? Are they changing their name every year or so due to bad reviews? Probably. Buyer beware.

Anyone can post fake positive reviews. The negative reviews on the BBB and on are verified to be true. These people have some pretty nasty recent negative reviews on Use the link above.

You've been warned. Buyer beware.

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