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M & L Imports

Country United States
State Illinois
City Elmhurst
Address 856 N York Rd
Phone 630-333-4770

M & L Imports Reviews

  • Dec 4, 2017

I was approved by honor finance so I get the car on Nov 4 2017 and was told that they to put a GPS on the car but the who does it wasn't there so I was to come back but live four hour away and work so it was kind of hard so on Nov 27 2017 Marcos call and say my boss need you to bring the car today in told that I could not come till December 2 2017 so I get on December 2 2017 at 9am I was till 4:30 pm they took the car and said that I was not approved for the loan and

I ask why no one call and told me and they said that if they me that I wouldn't bring which no sense and I had my three children with me with ask well how am supposed to get home was told not our problem so we no way home they could have told so I could make arrangements then another car sale man ask if i could get a consigner and I did my daughter who live in Florida she was not with me at the time but agreed to co-sign so the sale man go ahead and she get

approved so now the car that they took back was sold to my daughter when get done with paper he tell that I'm not the buyer that my daughter is and did not agree to purchase a car so they and me and my daughter and now is her name it was supposed to be in my name they con artist fraud poniz schemes from the bank I want my daughter out this deal and I them out business investigation done criminal charge file I want the media on this and proper authorities involve I

need assistance asap this is a crime and they should be prosecuted if any body can help please I need help in have never any thing like this happen ever my daughter is in graduate school and have a car note they lie to the banks please anybody help not right need leagal help bad if anybody can help please do make that they do again and my daughter sign any paperwork and was told that they would over night her the contract that she did not agree to I'm not first they done this to and won't be the last if they are not stop please help media police state attorney

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