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M & J Paving & Services

Country United States
State New Jersey
City Lincoln Park
Address 4 Beaver Brook Road
Phone (201) 364-6525

M & J Paving & Services Reviews

  • Nov 20, 2015

Please note: this contractor never provided me with a copy of his insurance or a work contract. He demanded cash and was reluctant to give me receipts. I was told that the job had a 5-year guarantee. Also, the advertising materials have two different addresses, both differing from a third in which the company is registered. There is also 5 different phone numbers on the advertising materials, only on of which was operating when I last checked in mid-2015.

On October 3, 2014, I was approached at my home by Michael Teelan (the son) from M & J Paving and Sealcoating (License Number: 13VH06851800) in Englewood and Hackensack, NJ about repaving my driveway. He was driving through the neighborhood, I assumed looking to get some work before his season closed due to winter. At the time I was in the market for a new driveway. He quoted me $2,000 for the complete job, including the repair of my concrete sidewalk (which he never did).

I was told that there was a 5-year guarantee on the driveway. He showed up a week later with his crew and laid down the new driveway. I gave him $2,000 cash. When I asked him for a receipt, he was reluctant to give me one. I wrote one up and demanded he sign it. In December, Michael Teelan came by again and sealed the driveway for another $150.

By February 2015 (less than 4 months later), I noticed peaks and valleys in my driveway, with about a 9-inch differential. This was obviously a shoddy job. I compared it to my next-door neighbor’s driveway that had been replaced (same job as mine) by a different company a week before mine was replaced. Her driveway was perfect.

By the time April 2015 rolled around, there were long vertical and horizontal cracks in my driveway, and the very rough surface was wearing away. I called M & J three times and got no answer. Finally Michael Teelan stopped by to look at the driveway (unannounced) and confirmed that the driveway needed to be redone, and told me that they had purchased substandard materials from their asphalt supplier and he had about 20 driveways to replace as a result of this bad purchases. I told him that I was sorry for him, but that he needed to straighten that out with his vendor. I told him that his customers should not have to pay the price.

His solution was to cover the driveway with another coat of asphalt. I did not like that solution and called the company phone number. This time, I got Michael Teelan, the father. I told him that I wanted the substandard material removed and all new asphalt put down. He agreed, and said he would replace the driveway in three weeks (the beginning of May).

By July, I had not heard anything from them. I called one of the phone numbers, and it was disconnected. I called the other number and got voicemail. I left three messages within a week, and still no replay. I notice that the Better Business Bureau has a D+ rating for this company. I wished that I had checked the BBB’s web site before contracting them.

The owners do not seem to be American-born as they speak with an Irish brogue. I frequently find that small, family-owned companies seem to have a stronger work ethic than larger companies. The company advertising lists License Number: 13VH06851800. Now I see that they are swindlers!

On July 13, 2015, I tried to contact M & J by telephone. I noticed that both telephone numbers on their advertisement card were disconnected and the website was expired. I drove to the business address, ********************. It was a residence (and I must note, with a beautifully paved driveway). I rang the bell. A man answered, I would guess mid-30s in age. I asked for Michael Teelan of M & J Paving. He immediately got nasty with me and said he did not know the person or company name. I told him this was the address the company had listed. I also mentioned that I found it to be quite a coincidence that he spoke with a heavy Irish brogue, as did the gentleman I was seeking. He got even nastier with me. I then apologized for disturbing him and left. It is my opinion that the gentleman who answered the door definitely knew the person I was seeking and was covering for him.

I wrote up a police report at the Dumont Police Station. The officer advised me that both he and the Municipal Building inspector had recently seen M & J’s trucks in town doing work.

The first week of September 2015, Michael Teelan (the son) appeared at my home, unannounced. My first comment to him was, “I didn’t expect to see you again. I’ve been looking for you.” His response to me was, “Yeah, a lot of people are looking for me.”

He explained that he had gone to Ireland for an extended period, as his mother was very ill—an excuse that I did not believe as the officer taking my report said he had seen them working in town. Regardless of my disbelief, I told him that no one would begrudge him a visit to his sick mother, but that he should have left instructions with someone in the US to contact his customers and inform them of his situation. He promised me he would return to my home the second week of September 2015 to fix my driveway. He and his crew never showed up. Both numbers for his Englewood and Hackensack Offices were still disconnected.

I finally got in touch with Michael Teelan (the father) on October 23, 2015 at telephone # (***) ***-****. He tried to blow me off, stating that he was very busy and would get to my driveway when he had the time. This answer was completely unacceptable, and I pressured him for a specific date, since it was now already 6 months later than the date his son previously promised. When I told him I made a police report against him, he hung up on me.

On November 16, 2015 I sued them in court. Of course they did not show up. I received a default judgment from the court. Let’s see if I ever get my money. I have also reported them to the Bergen County Consumer Affairs Department, NJ Attorney General’s Office, The Better Business Bureau and placed complaints on several consumer web sites.

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