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Livi Management, Inc.

Country United States
State Alabama
City Glenview
Address 2700 Patriot Blvd Ste 250
Phone 630-509-4171

Livi Management, Inc. Reviews

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  • Jan 16, 2018

I believe I was duped by Mr. Jacobson. I have worked in the REO industry for over 20 years. In November, he phoned me stating he had a bank owned asset in my area, and if I would be interested in marketing this property. He was very pleasent to speak with.

I asked where he received my information. He stated "REO directory", which I am listed in so felt that he was legitimate. I let him know I would be happy to handle this asset and could drive by the home within the next 24 hours to determine occupancy. He said great and that all I needed to do was follow the prompts in his follow up email awarding me the listing etc. This is where and when the United Default website required you to pay the basic $349 in order to service the property.

I did as he suggested and ... yes, I paid the $349 as an annual subscription for access to the "REO Platform". I have seen this in the past from other companies that I have been successful with (such as Resnet) so did not think it was too unusal. However, because I had no history with this Livi Management, I was a bit concerned.

I provided the BPO within 24 hours alomg with occupancy. I followed up with emails which at the time he quickly reply to. After the holidays, I was a but curious why I had not been notified by anyone with updates on the property (such as a field management company), so reached out to him two separate times without a response. I then searched title again, and saw that at the end of December a transfer of title took place to a private indivudual.

I immediately notified Martin via voice mail and email. He did reply to my email stating he would get to the bottom of this immediately by contacting his client. He still has not been able to explain the "change of ownership" issue.

I believe this property was NEVER an REO, and he sucked me into the $349 fee per year. The current BBB rating is not legitimate either. If things do not get answered soon by him, I will be reporting him to the local board so that they can post an announcemnt so other Realtors in my arae do not fall prey to this, and will reporting him to the BBB.

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  • Oct 26, 2017

Martin Jacobson, from Livi Management AKA United Default Mangement. Jacobson has not paid me for BPO assignments he has stated in writting he would pay me and he has not refund me my $349.00 payment I paid him for listing contracts for which he has not sent me. Jacobson and is side kick Victoria Williams refuse to return any of my phone calls and emails. I will pursue additional legal avenues.

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  • May 26, 2018

In September 2017, I was contacted by LIVI Management Inc. who promised me a lot of listings. I am a real estate broker. The company promised they would give me listings in the area of St. Louis. They asked me if I was interested, and they told me to pay $399 in order to use their portal and conduct BPO's. I did 5 BPO's for free, and didn't get any listings. Then, on 01/09/2018, they sent me an assignment of properties where I had to pay another $449.00 which would be reimbursed after the first closing. However, I visited their office in Illinois (address listed for the business), but it turned out to be a fake. There was no company listed at that address. When I addressed the issue with the asset manager, Martin Jacobson, he promised to take care of reimbursing me. It was on the 26th of March, 2018. Since then, he has stopped answering my calls and emails. The money has never been reimbursed.

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