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Leonard Smolinski LPC

Country United States
State Alabama
City Ozark
Address 389 James St
Phone (334) 774-9595

Leonard Smolinski LPC Reviews

  • Apr 15, 2019

Mr. Smoinski was doing "therapy" with me for over a year. He decided that I had a mental illness but never told me. Instead, he told my husband! My husband told my kids and my friends that Mr. Smolinski said that I was crazy. I found out what Mr. Smolinski did and I confronted him!! Mr. Smolinski told me that he shared the information with my husband that I had a severe mental illness.

I went to a different psychologist and told the doctor what happened and asked him if I had the mental illness that Mr. Smolinski said that I had. The psychologist said that I DID NOT have that mental illness, that I was NOT crazy, and that Mr. Smolinski should never have made such a bad diagnosis and should never have talked about me behind my back to my husband.

This mistake by Mr. Smolinski caused my children and my friends to worry about me for no reason. My husband is furious. It is one thing to make a mis-diagnosis. It is a very different thing to tell everyone except the client!

This man is a quack and a fraud.

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