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Leisure Time Spas

Country United States
State Michigan
City Waterford Twp
Address 6959 Highland Rd,
Phone (248) 461-6483

Leisure Time Spas Reviews

  • Jan 18, 2016

I had a old hot tub that i bought from a friend, it happened to have problems with it. I went to my local hot tub and spa store in waterford named Leisure Time Spas. I got information on how to fix it. i purchased a new manifold and new hot tub cover for my old hot tub. After fixing the manifold issue, my hot tub stilled leaked at the base. So I decided to see about trading it in to Leisure Time Spas for a credit towards a new hot tub. I talked with Charlie Mcdiarmid the owner. He said he would give me a $1000.00 trade in on a new hot tub. I was interested in a named brand hot tub with a hard cover that you could stand on. Charlie Mcdiarmid feed my some bull s*** that the tub i wanted didnt have good customer service if anything goes wrong with it and he offered one that he had in his show room.

Charlie Mcdiarmid said this hot tub was brand new and was better then the other hot tub. He explained that he makes them in the store and that there sprayed with extra reinforcement so there way stronger and better on electric costs. I'm a very trusting person so i believed this SCAM ARTIST Charlie Mcdiarmid. He said it was $5500.00 and he would take $1000.00 off for the trade in on my old hot tub. I told him I only have $2500.00 at that time. So he offered a payment plan of the remaining $2000.00. So I agreed to the offer. I brought my $2500.00 to Leisure Time Spas. I should have looked at the final receipt before signing and handing over my $2500.00. No where on the receipt was there mention of my old hot tub trade in value and the first payment toward the $2000.00 I owed was due in 15 days instead of 30 days from the purchase date.

Which later in court, in final judgement there was no proof of the trade in so that $1000.00 was forfeited in Charlie Mcdiarmids behalf. Now back to the sale of my new hot tub. Leisure Time Spas workers came the next day after i payed Leisure Time Spas and signed the receipt. Leisure Time spas came and removed my old hot tub and installed the new hot tub where my old one was. They filled the hot tub and went over the instructions to service the hot tub. One worker said that the stairs were not new and they would be getting new ones in a few weeks and they would trade them out. This should have been another RED FLAG about the tub. The next day the hot tubes jet leaked right away. You could see water coming out from under the hot tub.

Leisure Time Spas sent out a repair man to fix the leak. He fixed the jet. Thw next day the head rest feel off and I noticed there was 2 hole improperly drilled right threw the main hot tub shell. I called and complained saying I want a new hot tub to replece this one. Charlie Mcdiarmid said he would have a worker fix the issue. The worker did a half a** epoxy fix on the 2 hole which looked like S***!! I demanded a new hot tub. Charlie Mcdiarmid would not call me back for weeks. I finally got ahold of him threw email. He said he would give me a $100.00 dollar credit in store, I said hell no and proceeded to file a small claims against Charlie Mcdiarmid. After a month of waiting to go to court I noticed another problem with the so called New Hot Tub. It started to bubble in 2 spots on the seat. Literally bubbling in the corners of the seat.

It looks like a ballon is getting blowed up in the corner of the seats on the main hot tub shell. I took Charlie Mcdiarmid of Leisure Time Spas to small claims court and won my $2500.00 back, but lost my $1000.00 trade in on my old hot tub. Charlie Mcdiarmid appealed the verdict and didn't show up to court on the next court date. I then proceeded to try to file a seizer of property at the small claims court to get my money. The Process server that seizes property to pay me back told me that Charlie Mcdiarmid and Leisure Time Spas are both filing for bankruptcy and he can not seize any property becase of the bankruptcy. So I'm probaly not going to get my money from him unless the bankruptcy is denied. So Im out $3500.00 and stuck with another peice of s*** hot tub. DONT BE SCAMMED BY CHARLIE MCDIARMID OR LEISURE TIME SPAS.

  • Jul 30, 2015

My two sons are cross country runners for their high school. They worked on weekends to each save $1000. I then agreed to pay the balance for a new hot tup that they could use for sports therapy. So on June 29, 2014, we bought a new spa from Leisure Time Spa (LTS) in Waterford, MI for $8000. Within weeks of delivery, the hot tub shell began to bubble in several places. Apparently several other customers of this store experienced similar problems with this model spa. As a result of the defect, LTS removed the hot tub from my home on October 24, 2014 and promised a replacement right away. On November 18, 2014 Charlie McD (owner of LTS) sent an email to me expressing his apologies for what he called a “horrible inconvenience” and promised to “make it right”. A few weeks later, on December 23, 2014, we agreed with Charlie to accept a smaller replacement spa along with a refund of the $1,945.37 price differential and a new invoice was issued by LTS reflecting a delivery date of “asap”- estimated to be 3 weeks.

What followed were multiple emails and telephone calls since late December, but the promised replacement of the spa and refund of the $1,945.37 never took place. In fact, on February 5, 2015, after my sending proof that the new hot tub was indeed ordered and paid for, Charlie sent an email in response that he did not know what I was talking about. After having his memory refreshed, he promised to review all the records and to call me by Tuesday, February 10th. When that phone call did not take place, I sent him another email on February 10th. Charlie then replied he needed a day to check with the spa supplier to see if the replacement spa had been ordered. Despite this promise, I again never have not heard from Charlie. Finally, I hired an attorney to handle this. Charlie ignored all inquiries from the attorney, so we filed a court case. He did not respond to anything sent by the court and did not show up for the case. We received a default judgement against him. He did not respond to this either. We scheduled a creditor’s exam for July 28, 2015 and his new response was that he is filing bankruptcy. His attorney states he now has a second lawsuit pending and cannot afford to pay the claims.My thought now is that this is his latest ploy to further rip me off. I would love to see him deny all of the above, as I have emails, pictures and court forms. This guy is a crook and liar. He stole from two scholar athletes, one of which is an Eagle Scout.

Now at this point, I am out $8000 paid in full for the original spa. That spa was taken away and not replaced. I did not receive the replacement spa or my refund for the difference. Charlie McD of Leisure Time Spa has had my money for over one year now and has basically gotten away with pure theft. I used our legal system to address this and although I won in court, he now may possibly get away with it anyway.

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